Chile-Japan Academic Forum 2018 Astronomy and Astronomical Instrumentation (Workshop 01)

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Date : Sep 26 and 27, 2018
Venue : Nikko Civic Hall : Room A (Session 1-7) and Room C (Session 8-10)

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Workshop Dinner

Unofficial Dinner

Introduction of the Workshop

Chile is one of the best site for the ground-based astronomy on the Earth, and now many large facilities in broad wavelength range from the optical to the radio are operated. Japanese institutes and universities are also running various telescopes in Chile, such as ALMA, TAO, NANTEN, and ASTE. However, interactions between astronomical communities of Chile and Japan is still limited. The aim of this workshop is to nurture interaction between researchers in both Chile and Japan, to promote exchange of students and post-docs, and to expand ongoing collaborations.


Sep 26, Wed

09:20-09:30Kotaro Kohno(Univ. Tokyo)Welcome and Opening Remarks
Session 1 - Telescope and Instrumentation 1 (Chair : Ricardo Finger)
09:30-09:50Leonardo Bronfman(Univ. Chile)"Astronomical Instrumentation at Universidad de Chile" : (Abstract)
09:50-10:10Alvaro Gonzalez(NAOJ)"ALMA future receiver development program at NAOJ" : (Abstract)
10:10-10:30Takayuki Kotani(NAOJ)"The infrared Doppler (IRD) instrument for the Subaru telescope: instrument, survey plan and commissioning results" : (Abstract)
10:30-10:50Holger Drass(PUC)"MOONS Metrology System" : (Abstract)
Coffee Break
Session 2 - Cosmology & Hi-z Universe 1 (Chair : Kentaro Motohara)
11:20-11:40Masahiro Takata(Univ. Tokyo)"Precision Cosmology with Subaru HSC and PFS" : (Abstract)
11:40-12:00Alejandra Muñoz Arancibia(Univ. Valparaiso)"Lensing-corrected 1.1mm number counts in the ALMA Frontier Fields Survey" : (Abstract)
12:00-12:20Masamune Oguri(Univ. Tokyo)"Calibrating galaxy clusters as natural telescopes" : (Abstract)
12:20-12:40Felipe Barrientos(PUC)"Gas distribution in a a strongly lensed galaxy at z~2" : (Abstract)
12:40-13:00Bunyo Hatsukade(Univ. Tokyo)"Obscured Star Formation in the Host Galaxies of Superluminous Supernovae" : (Abstract)
Session 3 - Stars and Compact Objects (Chair : Felipe Barrientos)
14:30-14:50Keiichi Ohnaka(Univ. Caltolica del Norte)"First infrared interferometric mapping of the gas motion in the atmosphere of stars in late evolutionary stages" : (Abstract)
14:50-15:10Nobuyuki Kawai(Tokyo Institute of Tech.)"X-ray and optical/NIR observations of black hole binaries" : (Abstract)
Session 4 - Supernovae 1 (Chair : Ricardo Finger)
15:10-15:30Nozomu Tominaga(Konan Univ.)"Transient survey and multi-messenger astronomy with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam" : (Abstract)
15:30-15:50Takashi Moriya(NAOJ)"High-redshift supernova survey with Subaru/Hyper Suprime-Cam" : (Abstract)
Coffee Break
Session 5 - Cosmology & Hi-z Universe 2 (Chair : Kotaro Kohno)
16:20-16:40Stephen Eales(Cardiff Univ.)"Dust-obscured galaxy formation in the redshift range 3<z<9" : (Abstract)
16:40-17:00Nobunari Kashikawa(Univ. Tokyo)"High-z protocluster survey by Subaru/HSC" : (Abstract)
17:00-17:20Seiji Fujimoto(Univ. Tokyo)"Metal-rich gas halo in the early Universe"
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Sep 27, Thu

Session 6 - Astroninformatics / Joint session with Workshop 06 (Chair : Eduardo Vera)
09:20-09:30Andrés Escala & Eduardo Vera(Univ. Chile)Joint Session Introduction
09:30-09:50Ennio Vivaldi(Univ. Chile)"Transdisciplinary Research & Carén Initiative"
09:50-10:10Francisco Förster Burón(Univ. Chile)"The Universe in a stream: the challenge of astronomical alert brokers" : (Abstract)
10:10-10:30Guillermo Cabrera(UdeC)"Deep learning in Astronomy and its application to transient detection within the ALeRCE system" : (Abstract)
10:30-10:50Pablo Estevez(Univ. Chile)"Deep Learning for Image Sequence Classification of Astronomical Events" : (Abstract)
Coffee Break
Session 7 - Telescope and Instrumentation 2 (Chair : Kotaro Kohno)
11:20-11:40Ricardo Finger(Univ. Chile)"Real-Time Digital Signal Processing for Radio Astronomy and Beyond" : (Abstract)
11:40-12:00Antonio Mario Magalhaes(Univ. São Paulo)"All-Sky Survey in Polarized Light" : (Abstract)
12:00-12:20Kentaro Motohara(Univ. Tokyo)"University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory 6.5m Telescope : Project Status 2018" : (Abstract)
12:20-12:40Sebastián Ramírez Niño(PUC)"The Tao AIUC high Resolution Y band Spectrograph - TARdYS" : (Abstract)
12:40-13:00Eunmi Chae(Univ. Tokyo)"A compact Ti:Sapphire astro-comb with 43 GHz repetition rate" : (Abstract)
Lunch / Move to Room C
Session 8 - Cosmology & Hi-z Universe 3 (Chair : Ricardo Finger)
14:30-14:50Kotaro Kohno(Univ. Tokyo)"ALMA deep surveys of blank fields and lensing clusters" : (Abstract)
14:50-15:10Tadayuki Kodama(Tohoku Univ.)"Galaxy cluster formation revealed by Mahalo-Subaru and Gracias-ALMA" : (Abstract)
15:10-15:30Yoichi Tamura(Nagoya Univ.)"ALMA reveals early dust enrichment in a galaxy in the heart of reionization era" : (Abstract)
Session 9 - Supernovae 2 (Chair : Francisco Förster)
15:30-15:50Keiichi Maeda(Kyoto Univ.)"Testing the origin of type Ia supernovae through their properties in the first few days" : (Abstract)
15:50-16:10Alejandro Clocchiatti(PUC)"A study of the superluminous Type Ia SNe 2007if" : (Abstract)
Coffee Break
Session 10 - Star and Planet Formation (Chair : Kentaro Motohara)
16:40-17:00Elise Servajean(Univ. Chile)"G305: Looking into a stellar maternity with ALMA" : (Abstract)
17:00-17:20Andres Escala Astorquiza(Univ. Chile)"On the Mathematical Formulation of Empirical Laws." : (Abstract)
17:20-17:40Toshikazu Onishi(Osaka Pref. Univ.)"Physical properties and evolution of GMCs in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds " : (Abstract)
17:40-17:45Leonardo Bronfman(Univ. Chile)Farewell and Closing Remarks
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