IoA Seminar 2021 / 令和3年度/2021年度 東京大学天文学教育研究センター・天文学教室合同談話会

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No. 374: 20 July 2021 (Tue) 16:15 - 17:15

Speaker: 百瀬 莉恵子(天文学教室) /Rieko Momose (Department of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo)

Title: The Diversity of IGM-galaxy connection among galaxies at redshift z = 2-3

Language: English


The link between the intergalactic medium (IGM) and galaxies is key to understand the evolution of baryonic matter and galaxies. In fact, several observational studies have confirmed the connection between the IGM HI and galaxies up to several tens comoving Mpc. However, understanding the variations on the IGM-galaxy connection over galactic properties, such as mass, SFR, and galaxy population, is still limited. Motivated by this, we have studied the IGM-galaxy connection and its dependence on those galactic parameters to shed more light on the link using both simulations and observations. In this talk, I will present the observational results obtained from Lyα forest tomography named the CLAMATO (Lee et al. 2016, 2018). I will also discuss the change of the IGM-galaxy connection in terms of galaxy evolution indicated from our results.

(This talk will be given online. Details will be announced via e-mail.)



東京大学・天文学教育研究センターでは2003年4月から談話会を開いています. 2021年度より当面のあいだ, 天文学教室と天文学教育研究センター合同での開催となっております.
第一線で活躍されている研究者の方々を講師にお招きし, 最先端の研究成果をお話しいただきます. 講師の方には, 大学院生の参加者のことも考慮し, レビュー的な側面も含めた上で, ご自身の研究紹介をお願いしています.


  • 火曜日
  • 16:15-17:15


  • zoom によるオンライン開催


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  • KAMIZUKA, Takafumi 上塚貴史 kamizuka _at_


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3742021年7月20日(火)百瀬 莉恵子(東京大学天文学教室)The Diversity of IGM-galaxy connection among galaxies at redshift z = 2-3天文学教室


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