Public Outreach

"Public Outreach" means educations, popularizations, and enlightenments for general people by professional investigators.

The Kiso Observatory belongs to the Institute of Astronomy in the University of Tokyo, and our main roles are to support observational astronomers and to develop astronomical instruments. We, however, have many resources of the observational astronomy such as 105cm Schmidt telescope, large format optical and near-infrared camera, and much data archives, which are powerfully effective enough for general people to educate, popularize, and enlighten. At the Kiso Observatory, many public outreach system are available now !

The Inspection on everyday

You can visit and inspect the KISO observatory on everyday. In a main building, we show the researchment posters and the many images of the astronomical objects observed with the 105cm Schmidt Telescope. We have a inspection room of the 105cm Schmidt Telescope Dome. You can see the 105cm Schmidt Telescope there and see the researchment posters and the some astronomical object images. See the "INSPECTION" page.

The Special Inspection

The special inspection at the Kiso Observatory is opened the first August every years. In this day, you can enter the 105cm Schmidt telescope Dome and see it. You can also enjoy small experiments and small observations with our 30cm/16cm telescopes. We present astronomical lecture by professional astronomers. See the "INSPECTION" page.

The Special Demonstrative Observation

At the evening of the special inspection, if it is neither cloudy nor rainy, we present small general observations with 30cm/16cm telescopes. You can enjoy many astronomical objects with them. If you want, you can enter the 105cm Schmidt telescope control room and take part in operations of the astronomical observations. See the "INSPECTION" page.

The "Galaxy School"

The "Galaxy School" have been opened every spring since 1998. This is small observational astronomy experience for high school students who want to study astronomy in university. Students stay in the Kiso Observatory for three days, join some astronomical lectures, observe some astronomical objects with the 105cm Schmidt telescope, analysis the data with work-stations, and discuss their researchment results. Sorry, the "Galaxy School" page is written only in Japanese.

The "Star Class Room"

We regularly hold "Star Class Room" for high-school students. Students come to the Kiso Observatory and take part in some astronomical lectures and small observations.

Astronomical Images

We present the images obtained with the 105cm Schmidt telescope. Most of them, however, were taken under the non-photometric conditions because the 105cm Schmidt telescope is always used to investigate at photometric-nights. You can enjoy various objects in this pages.