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International Workshop of Mid-iInfrared Observational Astronomy was held

Ground-based mid-infrared astronomical observations are entering a new era. COMICS, which has been in operation at Subaru Telescope since 2000, will be retired in 2020, while a new mid-infrared instrument, MIMIZUKU, has successfully completed its test observations, and its observations at the TAO telescope are approaching. The development of instruments for future 30-meter telescopes are also underway in various places, and observation plans using these instruments are being considered.

In view of this situation, the international workshop "Mid-infrared Astronomy, Past 20 years and Future 20 years" was held at the NAOJ Mitaka campus on August 27-28, 2019. There were two main objectives of this workshop: to clarify the history and achievements of mid-infrared astronomy over the past 20 years, and to discuss research strategies for the next 20 years. Fifty researchers from Japan, the U.S., and Taiwan participated (including remote participants), and 25 oral presentations were made. From the TAO group, Miyata served as SOC Chair, and Sako and Kamizuka participated as SOC/LOC. Kamizuka also gave a presentation on the status of TAO/MIMIZUKU.

At the workshop, many researchers agreed that TAO/MIMIZUKU is one of the most important instruments for future mid-infrared ground-based observations. In particular, MIMIZUKU's ability to perform stable and long-term monitoring observations in the mid-infrared is useful for revealing the astronomical phenomena that have been difficult to study in the past, and many scientific observations were proposed, ranging from objects in the solar system to distant galaxies. Based on the experience with COMICS, it was also pointed out that it is important to organize science groups before the start of MIMIZUKU science observations. The MIMIZUKU group will discuss these matters carefully and consider them in preparing for scientific observations.

▲Dr. Kamizuka speaks at the workshop
▲Group photo of the participants

Workshop Program

Title: Mid Infrared Astronomy, Past 20 years and Future 20 years
Date: August 27 (Tue) 10:00 AM - 28 (Wed) 17:00 PM (JST)
Location: #302, 3F, Instrument Development Building No.3, Mitaka Campus, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Day1 (Aug.27)
time presenter title
10:00 Opening Remarks
Session-I: COMICS and future MIR instruments, chair Sakon (U.Tokyo)
10:05 Kataza (ISAS) Project "COMICS"
10:20 Fujiyoshi (Subaru) COMICS: observations and results
10:45 Panel Discussion:Lesson learned from COMICS
11:15 Kamizuka (IoA/UT) Latest status of TAO/MIMIZUKU
11:45 Packham (UTSA) MICHI - A Future Instrument for the next Decade(s) of Thermal IR Astronomy
Session-II: Planets and Exoplanets, Chair Fujiyoshi (NAOJ)
13:30 Orton (JPL/NASA) Current and Future Mid-Infrared Observations of Planetary Atmospheres
14:00 Ootsubo (ISAS) The past, today, and the future of the ground-based mid-IR spectroscopy of comets
14:30 Usui (Kobe U.) Search for Water on Asteroids with TAO/MIMIZUKU
15:00 Sekiguchi (Hokkaido Univ of Education) Thermal IR Photometry of Small Bodies in the Solar System
15:20 (Break)
15:40 Nomura (NAOJ) MIR Observations of Water and Organic Molecules in Protoplanetary Disks
16:00 Ishihara (ISAS) Debris disks and Zodiacal light - Synergy with SPICA
16:30 Takami (ASIAA) Time Variation of Silicate Compositions in Low-Mass Protoplanetary Disks
17:00 Ikoma (DoE/UT) Infra-red observations for exoplanets of particular interest from theoretical points of view
17:30 Narita (ABC) Expected mid-infrared science for exoplanets
18:30 WS dinner @ Cosmos Lodge, NAOJ

Day2 (Aug.28)
time presenter title
Session-III Stars and ISM, chair Yamashita (NAOJ)
9:30 Ohnishi (Osaka Prefecture Univ) Formation of deeply embedded proto-clusters in molecular clouds; the importance of the spatially resolved observations
10:00 Hsieh/Takami (ASIAA) Mid-IR Imaging Survey for High-Mass Protostars
10:30 Shimonishi (Tohoku Univ) NIR-MIR-Radio Spectroscopic Study of Astrochemistry at Low Metallicity
11:00 Tachibana (UTOPS/UT) New cosmochemistry from mid-infrared astronomy
11:30 Nozawa (NAOJ) Probing the formation and destruction processes of dust with large MIR telescopes
12:00 Buragohain (DoA/UT) Investigation of Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon molecules as carriers for mid-infrared emission bands: combined approach
Session-III Stars and ISM (cont'd), Chair Sako (U.Tokyo)
13:30 Kamizuka (IoA/UT) Monitoring, resolving, and revealing the dust formation and mass-loss phenomena around Asymptotic Giant Branch stars
14:00 Lau (ISAS) An American Perspective on Ground, Airborne, and Space-based Mid-IR Astronomy
14:30 Sakon (DoA/UT) Understanding the properties of dust and organics formed in novae
Session-IV: AGN, Chair Sako (U.Tokyo)
15:00 Izumi (NAOJ) High resolution MIR study on AGN
15:30 Yamada (Kyoto Univ) Exploring "Buried" Active Galactic Nuclei in Merging Galaxies with Subarcsecond Mid-infrared Observations
16:00 Discussion: What's the key of future MIR observations?

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