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The construction site

We introduce Mt. Chajnantor, where TAO will be constructed, and San Pedro de Atacama, which is a town close to Mt. Chanjantor.

Mt. Chajnantor, where TAO will be constructed

We completed the construction of a road to the summit of Mt. Chajnantor, where TAO will be placed, in April 2006. A weather monitor and an infrared cloud monitor have been installed there, and automated acquisition of meteorological data and cloud cover has been started.

Mt. Chajnantor TAO“¹˜HƒQ[ƒg
£ White jagged lines seen on the mountain surface are the road to the summit from the foot of Mt. Chajnantor. £ A blue gate at the starting point of the road to the summit.
£ A view of the TAO road. £ A view from the TAO road. The mountain seen behind is Mt. Chascon.
ƒRƒ“ƒeƒi ÔŠO‰_ƒ‚ƒjƒ^ŠÏ‘ª•—Œi
£ A container built at the summit of Mt. Chajnantor. An infrared cloud monitor and a power generator have been placed on the roof of the container. £ The display of the infrared cloud monitor in operation.
£ There is a monument to celebrate the friendship between San Pedro de Atacama and Japan at the summit of Mt. Chajnantor.

San Pedro de Atacama, a town close to Mt. Chajnantor

San Pedro de Atacama is about two hours' drive from Mt. Chajnantor.

“yŽY•¨‰® ’Ê‚è‚Ì—lŽq
£ a souvenir store £ a street
’†‰›Lê —r‚Ì‘åŒQ
£ the central square £ a large flock of sheep