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1901.01595 : Saracco+ "Age, metallicity and star formation history of spheroidal galaxies in cluster at z~1.2"

1803.00034 : Rosito+ "Field spheroid-dominated galaxies in a Λ-CDM Universe"

1802.09560 : Leethochawalit+ "Evolution of the Stellar Mass--Metallicity Relation - I: Galaxies in the z~0.4 Cluster Cl0024"

1710.05928 : Coenda+ "Green Valley galaxies as a transition population in different environments"

1710.05921 : Kocevski+ "CANDELS: Elevated Black Hole Growth in the Progenitors of Compact Quiescent Galaxies at z~2"

1709.07015 : Nogueira-Cavalcante+ "Star Formation Quenching in Green Valley Galaxies at 0.5≲z≲1.0 and Constraints with Galaxy Morphologies"

1709.03345 : Li+ "The origin and properties of massive prolate galaxies in the Illustris simulation"

1709.00429 : Merlin+ "Chasing passive galaxies in the early Universe: a critical analysis in CANDELS GOODS-South"

1708.00005 : Almaini+ "Massive post-starburst galaxies at z > 1 are compact proto-spheroids"

1706.03438 : Ichikawa+ "Recently Quenched Galaxies at z = 0.2 - 4.8 in the COSMOS UltraVISTA Field"

1705.01946 : Guo+ "CANDELS Sheds Light on the Environmental Quenching of Low-mass Galaxies"

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