1906.05891 : Schmidt+ "Three Dimensional Optimal Spectral Extraction (TDOSE) from Integral Field Spectroscopy"

1802.06914 : Boone+ "A Binary Offset Effect in CCD Readout and Its Impact on Astronomical Data"

1709.06141 : France+ "The LUVOIR Ultraviolet Multi-Object Spectrograph (LUMOS): Instrument Definition and Design"

1709.05834 : Hocking+ "An automatic taxonomy of galaxy morphology using unsupervised machine learning"

1708.01091 : Schirmer+ "Multi-conjugated adaptive optics imaging of distant galaxies -- A comparison of Gemini/GSAOI and VLT/HAWK-I data"

1707.07779 : Saxena+ "Commissioning and performance results of the WFIRST/PISCES integral field spectrograph"

1707.03445 : Gatkine+ "Arrayed Waveguide Grating Spectrometers for Astronomical Applications: New Results"

1706.05063 : Bisigello+ "Recovering the properties of high redshift galaxies with different JWST broad-band filters"

1706.03067 : Brandt+ "Data Reduction Pipeline for the CHARIS Integral-Field Spectrograph"

1705.09035 : Ellis+ "Photonic ring resonator filters for astronomical OH suppression"

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