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1907.02536 : Neeleman+ "Resolved [CII] Emission from z>6 Quasar Host -- Companion Galaxy Pairs"

1711.00798 : Lagache+ "The [CII] 158 micron line emission in high-redshift galaxies"

1709.02001 : Carilli+ "Galaxies into the Dark Ages"

1706.04614 : Smit+ "Measurement of rotation in two galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization from ALMA-detected [CII] emission"


1906.02293 : Cunningham+ "The [CII]/[NII] ratio in 3 < z < 6 sub-millimetre galaxies from the South Pole Telescope survey"

1706.03018 : Lu+ "ALMA [NII] 205 micron Imaging Spectroscopy of the Interacting Galaxy System BRI 1202-0725 at Redshift 4.7"


1708.05173 : Laporte+ "A spectroscopic search for AGN activity in the reionization era"

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