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1907.02607 : Mazzucchelli+ "Spectral Energy Distributions of Companion Galaxies to z∼6 Quasars"

1906.04241 : Vito+ "Discovery of the first heavily obscured QSO candidate at z>6 in a close galaxy pair"

1906.04290 : Schulze+ "No signs of star formation being regulated in the most luminous quasars at z~2 with ALMA"

1811.05992 : Diaz-Santos+ "The Multiple Merger Assembly of a Hyper-luminous Obscured Quasar at redshift 4.6"

1811.03048 : Aditya "uGMRT detections of HI 21-cm absorption associated with intermediate redshift galaxies"

1711.00471 : Chang+ "Infrared Selection of Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei in the COSMOS Field"

1707.05238 : Venemans+ "Molecular gas in three z~7 quasar host galaxies"

1705.10530 : Stacey+ "Gravitational lensing reveals extreme dust-obscured star formation in quasar host galaxies"

1705.09931 : Paraficz+ "ALMA view of RX J1131-1231: Sub-kpc CO (2-1) mapping of a molecular disk in a lensed star-forming quasar host galaxy"

1705.02649 : Farrah+ "The role of the most luminous, obscured AGN in galaxy assembly at z~2"

1705.07090 : Smolcic+ "The VLA-COSMOS 3~GHz Large Project: Cosmic evolution of radio AGN and implications for radio-mode feedback since z~5"

1708.00453 : Bayliss+ "Spatially Resolved Patchy Lyman-α Emission Within the Central Kiloparsec of a Strongly Lensed Quasar Host Galaxy at z = 2.8"

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