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Galactic Astronomy Advanced Course III

Lecture Notes



Monday, 3rd Period (13:00-14:45)

Lecture Description


The goal of the lecture is to overview the current understanding of the galaxy formation and evolution.


Interstellar matter, recombination lines, HII region, photoionization, star formation rate, metallicity, emission line diagnosis, AGN, dust extinction, synthetic spectra of galaxies, initial mass function, infrared galaxies, reionizaion of the Universe


  1. Physics of star forming regions
  2. Spectra of Galaxies
  3. Galaxies hidden in dust
  4. Properties of galaxies and environment effects
  5. AGN and galaxy evolution
  6. Galaxy formation and evolution in early Universe
  7. Optical-to-infrared observation technologies

Teaching Method

By in-person lectures

Grade Evaluation

Attendance (50%) and reports during the semester(50%).

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