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1812.11263 : Sanchez+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Exploring the gas-phase Mass-Metallicity Relation"

K-S Law

1906.02273 : Dey+ "The EDGE-CALIFA Survey: Exploring the Star Formation Law through Variable Selection"

Local Galaxy Structure

1811.10440 : Dullo+ "High-resolution MEGARA IFU spectroscopy and structural analysis of a fast-rotating, disky bulge in NGC 7025"

1811.09281 : U+ "Keck OSIRIS AO LIRG Analysis: Feedback in the Nuclei of Luminous Infrared Galaxies"

1811.08910 : Coenda+ "Effects of environment on sSFR profiles of late-type galaxies in the CALIFA survey"

1802.08213 : Graham+ "SDSS-IV MaNGA: Stellar angular momentum of about 2300 galaxies: unveiling the bimodality of massive galaxy properties"

1710.09349 : Mendez-Abreu+ "Morpho-kinematic properties of field S0 bulges in the CALIFA survey"

1710.08610 : Lin+ "Resolved star formation and molecular gas properties of green valley galaxies: a first look with ALMA and MaNGA"

1710.07569 : Wang+ "SDSS-IV MaNGA: Star formation cessation in low-redshift galaxies I. Dependence on stellar mass and structural properties"

1709.00066 : Cao+ "CARMA Survey toward Infrared-bright Nearby Galaxies (STING). IV. Spatially Resolved 13CO in Spiral Galaxies"

1709.04474 : Greco+ "Illuminating Low-Surface-Brightness Galaxies with the Hyper Suprime-Cam Survey"

1709.01735 : Gavazzi+ "A 85 kpc Halpha tail behind 2MASX J11443212+2006238 in A1367"

1709.01035 : Catalán-Torrecilla+ "Star formation in the local Universe from the CALIFA sample. II. Activation and quenching mechanisms in bulges, bars, and disks"

1709.00413 : García-Benito+ "The spatially resolved star formation history of CALIFA galaxies: Cosmic time scales"

1707.03402 : van de Sande+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Revising the Fraction of Slow Rotators in IFS Galaxy Surveys"

1707.03879 : Leslie+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Disk-halo interactions in radio-selected star-forming galaxies"

1707.00568 : Bait+ "On the interdependence of galaxy morphology, star formation, and environment in massive galaxies in the nearby Universe"

1706.04754 : Zhou+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: energy sources of the turbulent velocity dispersion in spatially-resolved local star-forming galaxies"

1706.01884 : Spector+ "EIG - II. Intriguing characteristics of the most extremely isolated galaxies"

1705.02348 : "External versus internal triggers of bar formation in cosmological zoom-in simulations"

1705.00637 : Neumann+ "A combined photometric and kinematic recipe for evaluating the nature of bulges using the CALIFA sample"

Local LIRGs and SFGs

1803.07207 : Micheva+ "The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample IX: Revelations from deep surface photometry"

1709.07933 : Cortese+ "ALMA shows that gas reservoirs of star-forming disks over the last 3 billion years are not predominantly molecular"

1709.01519 : Lofthouse+ "The distribution of local star formation activity as a function of galaxy stellar mass, environment and morphology"

1709.01939 : Tescari+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: understanding observations of large-scale outflows at low redshift with EAGLE simulations"

1708.02587 : Privon+ "A Widespread, Clumpy Starburst in the Isolated Ongoing Dwarf Galaxy Merger dm1647+21"

1708.01260 : Hsyu+ "The Little Cub: Discovery of an Extremely Metal-Poor Star-Forming Galaxy in the Local Universe"

1707.02680 : de Silva+ "NGC 1566: analysis of the nuclear region from optical and near-infrared Integral Field Unit spectroscopy"

1707.04435 : Croxall+ "The Origins of [CII] Emission in Local Star-forming Galaxies"

1707.01652 : Murata+ "Relation between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, Brα and infrared luminosity of local galaxies observed with AKARI"

1707.00254 : Mahoro+ "Star formation of far-IR AGN and non-AGN galaxies in the green valley: possible implication of AGN positive feedback"

1706.09893 : Barrera-Ballesteros + "Separate ways: The Mass-Metallicity Relation does not strongly correlate with Star Formation Rate in SDSS-IV MaNGA galaxies"

1706.08769 : Izotov+ "LBT observations of compact star-forming galaxies with extremely high [OIII]/[OII] flux ratios: HeI emission-line ratios as diagnostics of Lyman continuum leakage"

1705.09663 : Herrero-Illana+ "Star formation and AGN activity in a sample of local Luminous Infrared Galaxies through multi-wavelength characterization"

1705.08367 : Pereira-Santaella+ "Far-infrared metallicity diagnostics: Application to local ultraluminous infrared galaxies"

1706.00881 : Senchyna+ "Ultraviolet spectra of extreme nearby star-forming regions --- approaching a local reference sample for JWST"

1705.01127 : Shimakawa+ "Identification of variability in recent star formation histories of local galaxies based on Hα/UV ratio"

Local ETGs

1906.02209 : Zibetti+ "Insights into formation scenarios of massive Early-Type galaxies from spatially resolved stellar population analysis in CALIFA"

1710.07568 : Penny+ "SDSS-IV MaNGA: Evidence of the importance of AGN feedback in low-mass galaxies"

1709.09175 : Smethurst+ "SDSS-IV MaNGA: The Different Quenching Histories of Fast and Slow Rotators"

1709.07012 : Ferre-Mateu+ "On the formation mechanisms of compact elliptical galaxies"

1709.06511 : Gavazzi+ "Halpha imaging observations of early-type galaxies from the ATLAS3D survey"

1707.07989 : Rowlands+ "Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): The mechanisms for quiescent galaxy formation at z<1"

1706.02704 : van der Burg+ "The abundance of ultra-diffuse galaxies from groups to clusters: UDGs are relatively more common in more massive haloes"

1706.02521 : Lee+ "Detection of a Large Population of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Massive Galaxy Clusters: Abell S1063 and Abell 2744"

1705.10521 : Kokusho+ "A star formation study of the ATLAS3D early-type galaxies with the AKARI all-sky survey"



1901.01640 > Davies+ "Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Environmental Quenching of Centrals and Satellites in Groups"


1803.06255 : Wang+ "Identification of SDSSJ141324.27+530527.0 as A New "Changing-Look" Quasar with a "Turn-on" Transition"

1710.09389 : Wylezalek+ "SDSS-IV MaNGA: Identification of active galactic nuclei in optical integral field unit surveys"

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