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1909.13505 : Qin+ "Understanding the Discrepancy between IRX and Balmer Decrement in Tracing Galaxy Dust Attenuation"

1709.06867 : Bolmer+ "Dust reddening and extinction curves towards gamma-ray bursts at z > 4"

1709.06647 : Jaacks+ "Dust in the first galaxies"

1709.06102 : McLure+ "Dust attenuation in 2<z<3 star-forming galaxies from deep ALMA observations of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field"

1707.09805 : Faro+ "Characterizing the UV-to-NIR shape of the dust attenuation curve of IR luminous galaxies up to z∼2"

1705.01559 : Fudamoto+ "The Dust Attenuation of Star-forming Galaxies at z∼3 and Beyond: New Insights from ALMA Observations"

1705.05858 : Narayanan+ "The IRX-Beta Dust Attenuation Relation in Cosmological Galaxy Formation Simulations"

1707.02980 : Barisic+ "Dust Properties of [CII] Detected z ∼ 5.5 Galaxies: New HST/WFC3 Near-IR Observations"

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