Chile-Japan Patagonia Forum 2016

Astronomy and Astronomical Instrumentation (Workshop 01)

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Date : Nov 8 and 10, 2016
Venue : First Floor Auditorium, Costaustralis Hotel, Puerto Natales

Introduction of the Workshop

Chile is one of the best site for the ground-based astronomy on the Earth, and now many large facilities in broad wavelength range from the optical to the radio are operated. Japanese institutes and universities are also running various telescopes in Chile, such as ALMA, TAO, NANTEN, and ASTE. However, interactions between astronomical communities of Chile and Japan is still limited. The aim of this workshop is to nurture interaction between researchers in both Chile and Japan, to promote exchange of students and post-docs, and to expand ongoing collaborations.


Nov 8, Tue

09:00-09:05Leopoldo Infante(PUC)Welcome and Opening Remarks
09:05-09:10Kentaro Motohara(Univ. Tokyo)Workshop Introduction
Session 1 - Astronomical Institutes (Chair : Vanzi)
09:10-09:30Leonardo Bronfman(U. de Chile)The UChile Mm-wave Laboratory
09:30-09:50Leopoldo Infante(PUC)The PUC Center for Astro-Engineering
09:50-10:10Gaspar Galaz(PUC)The PUC Institute of Astrphysics and its Impact on Astronomy in Chile
10:10-10:30Keiichi Ohnaka(UCN Chile)Recent Developments in Astronomy Research at Univ. Catolica del Norte
Coffee Break
11:00-11:20Tomonori Totani(Univ. Tokyo)Introduction to the Astronomy Department at University of Tokyo
11:20-11:40Nario Kuno(Univ. Tsukuba)Activities of the Observational Astronomy Group at University of Tsukuba
Session 2 - Projects and Instrumentation 1 (Chair : Bronfman)
11:40-12:00Seiichi Sakamoto(NAOJ)Japanese contribution to ALMA
12:00-12:20Kengo Tachihara(Nagoya Univ.)Twenty years exploration of Chilean sky with the NANTEN Telescope
Lunch at Costaustralis Hotel
14:00-14:20Shin'ichiro Asayama(NAOJ)ASTE Status and Future Plan
14:20-14:40Chris Smith(AURA)LSST Upadte Overview
14:40-15:00Andres Jordan(PUC)Small Telescopes for Exoplanets
Session 3 - AGN and Galaxy Formation (Chair : Motohara)
15:00-15:20Kenji Yoshida(Shibaura Inst. Tech.)Search for hidden AGNs in the Fermi-LAT third source catalog with a data mining approach
15:20-15:40Ezequiel Treister(PUC)The connection The Connection between Major Galaxy Mergers, Black Hole Growth and Galaxy Evolution from Multiwavelength Observations
15:40-16:00Patricia Sanchez-Blazquez(PUC)The Formation of Disk Galaxies Through Galaxy Archaeology
Coffee Break
Session 4 - Astroinformatics, Transients and Variables (Chair : Rubio)
16:30-16:50Hiromoto Shibahashi(Univ. Tokyo)Finding binary planets around A-type main-sequence stars from phase modulation of their pulsations
16:50-17:10Nobuyuki Kawai(Titech)X-Ray Transients observed by MAXI
17:10-17:30Tomoki Morokuma(Univ. Tokyo)A Wide-Field Survey for Rapid Optical Transients with Subaru Hyper Suprime-Cam
17:30-17:50Francisco Förster(U. de Chile)High Cadence Transient Survey (HITS)
17:50-18:10Susana Eyheramendy(PUC)TBD
18:10-18:30Pablo Estevez(U. de Chile)Transient Detection using Convolutional Neural Networks
Forum Logistics Announcements

Nov 10, Thu

Session 5 - Projects and Instrumentation 2 (Chair : Infante)
09:00-09:20Kentaro Motohara(Univ. Tokyo)University of Tokyo Atacama Observatory (TAO) Project
09:20-09:40Leonardo Vanzi(PUC)Astronomical Instrumentation at the AIUC
09:40-10:00Suri Rukdee(PUC)TARdYS: design of an exoplanet hunter for TAO
10:00-10:20Hiroshi Toshiyoshi(Univ. Tokyo)MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) for Infrared &THz Light Control
Coffee Break
11:00-11:20Katherine Cortes(U. de Concepcion)Astronomy Instrumentation at UdeC
11:20-11:40Ricardo Bustos(UCSC)Astro-Engineering and Microwaves laboratory (LAIM) at UCSC
Session 6 - ISM (Chair : Motohara)
11:40-12:00Monica Rubio(U. de Chile)Low metallicity molecular clouds with ALMA
12:00-12:20Aaron Bell(Univ. Tokyo)Science Opportunities with the AKARI Mid and Far Infrared All-Sky Maps
Lunch at Costaustralis Hotel
14:00-14:20Satoshi Yamamoto(Univ. Tokyo)Astrochemistry from a Sub-parsec Scale to a Kilo-parsec Scale
Session 7 - High Redshift Galaxies (Chair : Tamura)
14:20-14:40Masami Ouchi(Univ. Tokyo)Uncovering High-z Galaxies Through Collaborations between Chile and Japan
14:40-15:00Felipe Barrientos(PUC)Gas distribution in a strongly lensed Milky Way galaxy at z=2
15:00-15:20Yuta Kato(Univ. Tokyo)Herschel protocluster survey: A search for dusty star-forming galaxies in protoclusters at z=2-3
15:20-15:40Ryota Kawamata(Univ. Tokyo)The sizes of z~6-9 lensed galaxies from the Hubble Frontier Fields
15:40-16:00Leopoldo Infante(UPUC)Young galaxies at the highest redshifts
16:00-16:05Leonardo Bronfman(U. de Chile)Farewell and Closing Remarks


P01Yoichi Tamura(Univ. Tokyo)Physical properties of ISM in high-redshift galaxies traced by the far-IR and optical [OIII] emission lines
P02Abner Zapata Sobarzo(PUC)Study of Radial Velocity Stability of AIUC Spectrographs: PUCHEROS and FIDEOS
P03Patricio Vazquez(PUC)AIUC center



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