Naoto Kobayashi 

Experimental Astrophysicist


   Institute of Astronomy
   University of Tokyo

    2-21-1 Osawa, Mitaka
    Tokyo 181-0015, JAPAN

   Email:  naoto +
      Fax:  JAPAN(81)-422-34-5021

Ph.D., Department of Physics, Kyoto University
Senior Research Associate, NAO Japan
Senior Research Associate, Subaru Telescope
Visiting Astronomer,
             Institute for Astronomy, Univ of Hawaii

Associate Prof., IoA, University of Tokyo
Research Interests
  • Star formation in "primodial" environment
  • Formation of our Galaxy / high-z galaxies
  • High-z QSO Absorption System
  • Astronomy with Adaptive Optics
  • Infrared Astronomy
Subaru IRCS    Principal Investigator (2000-2002)
Subaru IRCS (Semi Official)
Research Collaborators
Toshinori Maihara, Kyoto University
Tetsuya Nagata, Nagoya University
Miwa Goto, IfA, University of Hawaii

Alan Tokunaga, IfA, Univ of Hawaii
Hiroshi Terada, Subaru Telescope
Masao Saito, ALMA, NAOJ
Takuji Tsujimoto, NAOJ

My research interest is in galaxy formation and star formation in "primodial" environment.

Using telescopes at Mauna kea observatory, I am studying high-z QSO absorption systems to learn about the chemical evolution of the intergalactic medium at high-redshift. This will in turn provides valuable information on the galaxy formation process.

Also, I am studying
star formation in far outer Galaxy region and
HI dominated dwarf galaxies to learn  the detail of the star formation process in such a "primodial" environment.

Also, I know a little bit  about  near-infrared  instrumentation...

Selected Recent Papers and Preprints
MgII Absorption Lines in z=2.974 Damped Lyman-alpha System toward Gravitationally Lensed QSO APM 08279+5255: Detection of Small-scale Structure in MgII Absrobing Clouds
Kobayashi, N., Hiroshi, T., Goto, M., & Tokunaga, A. 2002, ApJ in press.
Discovery of Young Stellar Objects at the Edge of the Optical Disk of Our Galaxy
Kobayashi, N. & Tokunaga , A. T. 2000, ApJ, 532, 423
IRCS: infrared camera and spectrograph for the Subaru Telescope,
Kobayashi, N.  Alan T. Tokunaga,  Hiroshi Terada, Miwa Goto, Mark Weber, et al. 2000, SPIE, 4008, 1056
Abstract (NASA ADS)
More publications ... (NASA ADS)

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