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*Galactic Astronomy Advanced Course III [#w189ef88]

*Lecture Notes [#g432ac77] 
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*シラバス [#q36f43d9]
*Syllabus [#q36f43d9]
**Day/Period [#p5354fb3]
Monday, 3rd Period (13:00-14:45)

**Lecture Description [#s2c6be2f]
***Objectives [#l11751d2]
The goal of the lecture is to overview the current understanding of the galaxy formation and evolution.
***Keywords [#ub9a01fc]
Interstellar matter, recombination lines, HII region, photoionization, 
star formation rate, metallicity, emission line diagnosis, AGN, 
dust extinction, synthetic spectra of galaxies, initial mass function, 
infrared galaxies, reionizaion of the Universe
***Schedule [#d856acc0]
+ Physics of star forming regions
+ Spectra of Galaxies
+ Galaxies hidden in dust
+ Properties of galaxies and environment effects
+ AGN and galaxy evolution
+ Galaxy formation and evolution in early Universe
+ Optical-to-infrared observation technologies

***Teaching Method [#i662a806]
By in-person lectures

***Grade Evaluation [#j89caaea]
Attendance (50%) and reports during the semester(50%).

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