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*Outline of the Laboratory Course [#he20a9ea]
小望遠鏡による基礎観測実習  ~東京でどこまで観測できるか?~

赤道儀が2015年度に更新され、さらにフィルタホイールと多バンドフィルター(UBVRIと狭帯域[OIII], Hα, [SII])
"Basic Observation Training by a Small Telescope"
by K. Motohara

This course is to carry out basic astronomical observations by a CCD camera, utilizing the
21cm telescope at IoA. The main goal is to master the basic technique to operate a telescope, to
understand the basic concepts of observations under the equitorial coordiate system (RA, Dec),
and to master the observation methods using a CCD.
Every year, we attempt to improve the sensitivity by upgrading the CCD camera system
and the telescope system , and confirm if it is achived through real observations. Through these
processes, we expect you to develop deeper understanding of the concept of “limiting magnitude”.
The telescope and the equator mount system is renewed in 2016, and also various new filters
are introduced including standard UBV RI as well as narrow-band filers (Hβ, [OIII], Hα, [SII]),
however, their performances are not fully verified yet.

*Participants [#k8d1aad8]

*TAs [#c191388a]
-寺尾/Terao (D2)

*Textbook [#tc1d9dc8]
- [[jisshu.pdf>]]
- [[jisshu-e.pdf (English version)>]]

*Schedule [#qff92802]
|#1|>|2018/11/09 15:00-|
|#2|[[2018/11/20>./memo181120]] 15:00- (寺尾、本原)|[[2018/11/26>./memo181126]] 15:00- (郭、本原)|
|#3|[[2018/11/27>./memo181127]] 15:00- (寺尾、本原)|[[2018/11/30>./memo181130]] 15:00- (郭)|
|#4|[[2018/12/7>./memo181207]] 15:00-  (寺尾)|[[2018/12/17>./memo181217]] 15:00- (郭)|
|#5|[[2018/12/14>./memo181214]] 15:00- (寺尾、本原)|[[2019/1/11>./memo190111]] 15:00- (郭、本原)|

*Observation Logsheet [#z5f9e62b]

*Weather Information [#b95e0052]
-[[GPV Weather Forecast>]]
-[[2km Mesh Cloud Forecast>]]

*Links [#mb87f4fd]
-[[使う望遠鏡の解説/The dome and the old telescope>]]
-[[望遠鏡の歴史的経緯/History of the dome and the old telescope>]]

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