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*ZFK3 (ZFOURGE & KMOS^3D) journal club [#o3889d34]
 次回:2020年8月18日 16:00- 担当:陳

**ZFOURGE and related papers [#a653e3af]
-Survey Web page: [[>]]
-2020/4/23: Terao Ph.D. Thesis [["A study of star-forming galaxies at 2.1 < z < 2.5 selected by broad-band flux excesses">/論文]]
-2020/5/8: Saito+2020 [["The synthetic Emission Line COSMOS catalogue: Ha and [OII] galaxy luminosity functions and counts at 0.3 < z < 2.5" >]]
-2020/5/28: Tran+2020 [["MOSEL: Strong [Oiii]5007A Emitting Galaxies at (3 < z < 4) from the ZFOURGE Survey" >]]
-2020/6/11: Suzuki+2017 [["The Interstellar Medium in [O III]-selected Star-forming Galaxies at z ~ 3.2" >]]
-2020/6/29: Cowley+2016 [["ZFOURGE catalogue of AGN candidates: an enhancement of 160-μm-derived star formation rates in active galaxies to z = 3.2" >]]
-2020/7/13: Nanayakkara+2020 [["Reconstructing the Observed Ionizing Photon Production Efficiency at z ∼ 2 Using Stellar Population Models" >]]
-2020/7/28: Shivaei+2018 [["The MOSDEF Survey: Direct Observational Constraints on the Ionizing Photon Production Efficiency, ξ ion, at z ~ 2" >]]
-2020/8/18: Sanders+2018 [["The MOSDEF Survey: A Stellar Mass-SFR-Metallicity Relation Exists at z ~ 2.3" >]]

**KMOS^3D and related papers [#x08b2717]
-Survey Web page: [[>]]
-2020/4/8: Introduction of KMOS^3D
-2020/4/15: Wisnioski+2019 [["The KMOS3D Survey: Data Release and Final Survey Paper" >]]
-2020/4/30: Belli+2017 [["KMOS3D Reveals Low-level Star Formation Activity in Massive Quiescent Galaxies at 0.7 < z < 2.">]]
-2020/5/14: Wilman+2020 [["The Regulation of Galaxy Growth along the Size-Mass Relation by Star Formation, as Traced by Hα in KMOS3D Galaxies at 0.7 ≲ z ≲ 2.7">]]
-2020/6/4: Tadaki+2017 [["Bulge-forming Galaxies with an Extended Rotating Disk at z ~ 2">]]
-2020/6/18: Vaisanen+2017 [["Shutting down or powering up a (U)LIRG? Merger components in distinctly different evolutionary states in IRAS 19115-2124 (the Bird)">]] (SINFONI, a Local (U)LIRG)
-2020/7/6: Colina+2015 [["Understanding the two-dimensional ionization structure in luminous infrared galaxies. A near-IR integral field spectroscopy perspective">]] (SINFONI, Local LIRGs)
-2020/7/21: Moreno+2019 [["Interacting galaxies on FIRE-2: the connection between enhanced star formation and interstellar gas content">]](Simulation, merger)
-2020/8/4: Cortijo-Ferrero+2017 [["The spatially resolved star formation history of mergers. A comparative study of the LIRGs IC 1623, NGC 6090, NGC 2623, and Mice">]] (CALIFA, merger-LIRGs)

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