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<Discussion Session>  by T. Kodama


2020.8  Subaru CfP for S21A
2020.9  deadline for proposal submission
        (choose MOIRCS as 2nd instrument if your program can be done with MOIRCS)
2020.10 final decision for SWIMS operation on Subaru from S21A
2020.10-11 TAC
2021.2  S21A starts
 2021A-22B semesters
2023?   SWIMS will be moved to TAO in Chile

Comparison between SWIMS/Subaru versus MOIRCS:

FoV: SWIMS=6.6'x3.3', MOIRCS=7'x4'
Simultaneous zJ + HK observations on SWIMS
  Imaging: survey speed doubled
  Spectroscopy: accurate line ratios free from slit loss problem
Grism: MOIRCS new LS grisms (J and H; R=3000; high throughputs) vs. SWIMS (R<1000)
MBF: unique to SWIMS
NBF: different suite of filters, [OIII]-Ha pair filter for SWIMS

Discussion Items:

IFU timeline? 2023?

Higher resolution LS grism (R=3000)?

How to form/join science teams (PI instrument policy)?
  -Contact Motohara (

Next science workshop?
  -every July (2021,2022,2023)?

Buy more detectors?  AUS-LIEF proposal..

Open-use policy of SWIMS on TAO?
 -still under discussion, but 33% will be open-use time
 -TAO project time 42%,  possibly for legacy survey in collaboration with TAO team

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