The Galaxy, Galaxies, ISM Physics & Radio Astronomy

Yoshiaki SOFUE

Professor Emeritus

Institute of Astronomy, The University of Tokyo

o Galactic & Extragalactic Astronomy at IOA

o Research Activity

      o Rotation Curves
      o Magnetic Fields
      o Virgo CO Survey
      o Milky Way 3D HI&CO
      o Galactic Explosion 
      o Galactic Center and Starburst
      o NGC galaxies
      o Magellanic Clouds
       Nobeyama 10 GHz Radio Continuum Survey
       LEC-Laboratory Experiments for Cosmic Hydrodynamics
       SKA (Sqare Killometer Array)
       First mm-wave Interferometer
      o Hubble Types

o Publications

o Galaxy Shop ALMA (Monthly workshop for ALMA)
o Galaxy Shop 2000 (Monthly workshop on galaxies)
o Galaxy Seminars A and B
o Galaxy Association of Japan 
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o My office at IoA
o Kunitachi Institute of Astronomy

o CV 
o Portrait E-mail: sofue @ jp