Galaxy Shop ALMA

Monthly Workshop on galaxies for stimulating discussion and proposals toward ALMA. Places: IoA Mitaka, Various institutions, or at Resorts. Date: Monthly/Bimonthly Subjects: ALMA subjects for studying Structure of Galaxies Dynamics and Rotation of Galaxies Evolution of Galaxies Environmental effects on Galaxies Activity of Galaxies Interstellar Physics of Galaxies High-z galaxies Cosmology G-Shop ALMA 1. "Nearby Galaxies" (2004 May 26, IoA) G-Shop ALMA 2. "High-z galaxies" (2004 July 23, IoA) G-Shop ALMA 3. "AGN by ALMA" (2004 Sep 10, IoA) G-Shop ALMA 4. "ISM Physics in Galaxies" (2004 Oct 18,19, Hokkaido Univ.) G-Shop ALMA 5. "Theorists predict ALMA phenomena" (tba) G-Shop ALMA 6. "The Galactic Center" (tba) G-Shop ALMA 6. "ALMA Proposals"(2008 July 10, 11, Kagoshima Univeristy)