Data Release

A part of the KWFC g-band light curves and spectra taken within the KISS collaboration is released in this page. If you use these data in your paper, please cite Morokuma et al. 2014, PASJ, in press (arXiv:1409.1308). The compressed file including all the light curves and spectra is also available. The spectra are available via WISeREP.

supernovatypelight curve
SN 2012cmIa ascii
SN 2012cqIIPascii
SN 2012ctIIPascii
SN 2013I IIP ascii
SN 2013J Ic ascii
SN 2013Y Ia ascii
SN 2013alIa ascii
SN 2013baIa ascii
SN 2014Q Ia ascii
SN 2014S IIP ascii
SN 2014T IIn ascii
SN 2014U II ascii
SN 2014anIa ascii
SN 2014bdIIPascii
SN 2014boIa ascii