NIR Data Reduction Info

Reduction Procedure

Semester 10B

  • Sky Flats (without Dichroic Mirror)
  • Test Dataset
    • CGCG 453-062 filecgcg453_062_ks.tgz
      • 9-point dithering, Ks-band, 60sec/frame (ANIA000?????.fits)
      • combined frame (cgcg453_062_ks.fits)

Semester 11A

Semester 11B

Optical Data Reduction Info

Semester 10B-11A

Semester 11B

Attach file: files11b-v.db 318 download [Information] files11b-v.coo 361 download [Information] files11b-r.db 340 download [Information] files11b-r.coo 328 download [Information] files11b-i.db 353 download [Information] files11b-i.coo 331 download [Information] files11b-b.db 383 download [Information] files11b-b.coo 314 download [Information] filesflat_s11b-v.fits 300 download [Information] filesflat_s11b-r.fits 245 download [Information] filesflat_s11b-i.fits 275 download [Information] filesflat_s11b-b.fits 276 download [Information] filesflat_s11b-ks.fits 249 download [Information] 362 download [Information] filecgcg453_062_ks.tgz 243 download [Information] filesflat_ks_S10B.fits 298 download [Information] filesflat_s11a-j-dichro.fits 324 download [Information] filesflat_s11a-ks.fits 270 download [Information] files11a-v.db 434 download [Information] files11a-v.coo 418 download [Information] files11a-r.db 398 download [Information] files11a-r.coo 433 download [Information] files11a-b.db 435 download [Information] files11a-b.coo 429 download [Information] filesflat_s10b-v.fits 279 download [Information] filesflat_s10b-r.fits 303 download [Information] filesflat_s10b-b.fits 303 download [Information]

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