*IoA Seminar 2022 / 令和4年度/2022年度 東京大学天文学教育研究センター・天文学教室合同談話会 [#t8e79eca]


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2021年度より当面のあいだ, 天文学教室と天文学教育研究センター合同での開催となっております。&br;

**定例日時 [#ve668db6]
- 天文センター担当回
-- 木曜日 15:30-16:30
- 天文教室担当回
-- 火曜日 16:15-17:15

**場所 [#j9cedf34]
- zoom によるオンライン開催(2022.04〜当面)

**世話人(天文センター) [#q8bd3108]

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- ASANO, Kentaro 浅野健太朗 kenasano _at_ ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
- KOYAMA, Shuhei 小山舜平 skoyama _at_ ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp
- MAEDA, Fumiya 前田郁弥 fmaeda _at_ ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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** No. 382: [#lcc73417]

*** Speaker: [#m6f39c8e]
堀内 貴史(東京大学天文学教育研究センター)
*** Speaker: 堀内 貴史(東京大学天文学教育研究センター) [#a95bc17b]

*** Title: [#q0b580bc]
Evaluation of magnitudes of the Starlink satellites by simultaneous multicolor observations
*** Title: Evaluation of magnitudes of the Starlink satellites by simultaneous multicolor observations [#u81078ab]

Language: English

The U.S. company, SpaceX plans to launch 42,000 Starlink satellites by the
mid-2020s. However, these satellites orbit at relatively low altitudes
(e.g. 550 km), and there are concerns that the light pollution from
sunlight reflection likely affects observations. In January 2020, SpaceX
launched a test satellite, Darksat with a black coating on its surface to
reduce the reflection flux. In order to verify the effect of its black
coating, we observed Darksat and unpainted Starlink satellites by
simultaneous multicolor observations (g’: green, Rc: red, and Ic:
near-infrared) with the 105 cm Murikabushi telescope/MITSuME. While the
magnitude of Darksat is about 7, being difficult to see with the naked
eyes, this brightness is sufficient to affect any observations. In June
2020, SpaceX launched Visorsat, which is a satellite with a sun visor to
reduce the reflected sunlight. At the present stage, there is no sufficient
verification on whether the sun visor is effective at various wavelengths.
In this study, we are therefore conducting the simultaneous multicolor
observations of Visorsat and the ordinary Starlink satellites through the
OISTER campaign. The preliminary observations of Visorsat with the
Murikabushi telescope have already shown that the apparent magnitude of
Visorsat is not fainter than that of Darksat, ranging from 6.5 mag (g'
band) to 5.7 mag (Ic band). Since most of the satellites to be launched by
SpaceX in the future will be visor satellites, it is very important to
investigate the effects of the Starlink satellites as soon as possible to
reduce the light pollution in astronomical observations.


* 今後の講演予定 [#ac94b97b]
|BGCOLOR(cyan):#|BGCOLOR(cyan): Date|BGCOLOR(cyan):Speaker|BGCOLOR(cyan):Title|BGCOLOR(cyan):Chair|
|382|2022年6月09日(木)|堀内 貴史(東京大学天文学教育研究センター)|Evaluation of magnitudes of the Starlink satellites by simultaneous multicolor observations|天文センター|
|383|2022年6月14日(火)|伊藤 慧(東京大学天文学教室)|TBD|天文学教室|
|384|2022年6月21日(火)|Paul K. H. Yeung(東京大学物理学教室)|Cosmic-ray Acceleration & Escape from Intermediate-Aged Supernova Remnant Kes 79|天文学教室|
|385|2022年6月30日(木)|松林 和也(東京大学天文学教育研究センター)|TBD|天文センター|
|386|2022年7月5日(火)|小藤 由太郎(東京大学天文学教室)|TBD|天文学教室|
|387|2022年7月12日(火)|Scarlet Elgueta(東京大学天文学教室)|TBD|天文学教室|
|388|2022年7月21日(木)|Mason Leist (University of Texas San Antonio)|TBD|天文学教室|
|389|2022年7月28日(木)|細川 隆史(京都大学) |TBD|天文学教室|

*終了した談話会(2022年度) [#h9b1f387]
詳細はこちら: [[令和4(2022)年度談話会]]
|BGCOLOR(cyan):#|BGCOLOR(cyan): Date|BGCOLOR(cyan):Speaker|BGCOLOR(cyan):Title|BGCOLOR(cyan):Chair|
|381|2022年5月10日(火)|西村優里(東京大学天文学教室)|Molecular spectroscopy in local and high-redshift galaxies: What do "dense gas tracers" mean? |天文学教室|


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