*IoA Seminar 2014 / 2014年度・東京大学・天文学教育研究センター・談話会 [#na2aa933]


**次回以降の談話会 [#tbf77961]

*** 第253回: 2014/10/8 (Wed) 13:30-14:30 [#t067ee50]

*** Speaker 1: Prof. Hideo Kimura (U.Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) [#qb60daf9]

*** Title: "Native Andean and Amazonian Astronomy" [#c3cbdf8c]

 Abstract: (TBA)

*** Speaker 2: Ana María Barón (Environmental Consultant) [#z1273f4e]

*** Title: "Archaeology and cultural heritage in the context of ALMA and TAO project" [#z3ffbe77]

 Abstract: The ALMA Project is the largest astronomical project worldwide. 
 It develops on the Chilean high plateau named
 Chajnantor, located in the Atacama Desert at 5200 m. above sea level. The TAO
 Observatory from University of Tokyo is on the summit of Chajnantor Mountain,
 being the highest in the world at over 5800 m.a.s.l.
 I studied both places where they have developed these projects, identifying the
 cultural findings that they may have, as an environmental consultant,
 discovering archaeological sites, and creating a Site Museum. As an environmental
 consultant, I worked all over the Atacama Desert. From the Andes High Mountain
 Range to the Pacific Ocean with a multidisciplinary team, that knows everything
 about the cultural heritage, environmental laws, social problems, flora and fauna.
 In a zone where today has many mine development projects, renewable energy
 sources projects, roads and constructions projects. A zone that is fragile and at the
 same time, a zone that is very harsh to live in.

*** 第254回: 2014/10/16 (Thu) 15:30-16:30 [#je0027ac]

*** Speaker: James Chibueze (Chile Observatory, NAOJ) [#o4af0967]

*** Title: The Puzzle of Massive Star Formation: A Multi-wavelength Approach [#g53ed8ee]

 Abstract: The mystery of high-mass star formation can be solved like a puzzle, 
 whose pieces are of different sizes/shapes and hidden in different star-forming regions. 
 This talk will feature observational results of a number massive star formation regions 
 (Cepheus A, Gem OB1, NGC 6334, AFGL-333) at different wavelengths and angular resolution. 
 Considering that no single star-forming region can provide us with all the pieces of the puzzle, 
 I have extracted clues from as many regions as possible to describe the different stages 
 and scenarios of massive star formation.

** 趣旨 [#v1d3180b]
東京大学・天文学教育研究センターでは2003年4月から, [[院生コロキウム:http://www.ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/colloquium/wiki/]]に引き続き, 談話会を開いています. 
第一線で活躍されている研究者の方々を講師にお招きし, 最先端の研究成果をお話しいただきます. 
講師の方には, 大学院生の参加者のことも考慮し, レビュー的な側面も含めた上で, ご自身の研究紹介をお願いしています.

**日時 [#q477aa18]

**場所 [#t599f0e2]

**標準タイムテーブル [#i15c8b29]

**世話人 [#zd16b7cd]
-河野 孝太郎: kkohno_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)
-田辺 俊彦: ttanabe_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)

**予定 [#j8e660b8]
|BGCOLOR(cyan):#|BGCOLOR(cyan):日付|BGCOLOR(cyan):講演者 (所属)|BGCOLOR(cyan):タイトル|
|253|2014/10/8(Wed) 13:35 - 14:00 |Prof. Hideo Kimura (U.Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)|Native Andean and Amazonian Astronomy|
| |2014/10/8(Wed) 14:00 - 14:30 |Ana María Barón (Environmental Consultant)|Archaeology and cultural heritage in the context of ALMA and TAO project|
|254|2014/10/16(Thu)|James Chibueze (Chile Observatory, NAOJ)|The Puzzle of Massive Star Formation: A Multi-wavelength Approach|
|255|2014/10/23(Thu)|Mark Hammonds (U.Tokyo)|(TBD)|
|25X|2014/11/20(Thu)|齋藤正雄 (NRO, NAOJ)|多波長観測によるLupus星形成領域の観測的研究|
|25X|2014/12/18(Thu)|Wiphu Rujopakarn (IPMU, U.Tokyo)|(TBD)|

**終了した談話会(2014年度) [#qc092a5c]
詳細はこちら: [[平成26 (2014) 年度談話会]]
|BGCOLOR(cyan):#|BGCOLOR(cyan):日付|BGCOLOR(cyan):講演者 (所属)|BGCOLOR(cyan):タイトル|
|245|2014/05/8(Thu)|藤井通子 (NAOJ)|N体シミュレーションで探る星団の形成と進化|
|246|2014/05/12(Mon) 16:00-17:00※曜日・開始時刻注意|Francois Petrelis(Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Ecole Normale Superieure)|Reversals and Dynamics of the magnetic field generated by dynamo instability|
|247|2014/05/15(Thu)|細川隆史 (東大)|The first stars: their diversity and beyond|
|248|2014/06/19(Thu)|大澤亮 (東大 IoA)|星周環境における PAH とそのスペクトルの進化|
|249|2014/06/26(Thu)|中島王彦 (NAOJ)|星形成銀河の星間物質の電離状態|
|250|2014/07/03(Thu)|廿日出文洋 (NAOJ)|Two gamma-ray bursts from dusty regions with little molecular gas|
|251|2014/07/17(Thu)|福島登志夫 (NAOJ)|Analytical computation of generalized Fermi-Dirac integrals by truncated Sommerfeld expansions|
|252|2014/08/21(Thu)|但木謙一 (NAOJ)|最盛期の銀河形成を解剖する|

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