*IoA Seminar 2014 / 2014年度・東京大学・天文学教育研究センター・談話会 [#na2aa933]


**次回以降の談話会 [#tbf77961]

*** 第253回: 2014/10/8 (Wed) 13:30-14:30 [#t067ee50]
*** 第262回: 2015/4/9 (Thu) 15:30-16:30 [#y0c6ad97]

*** IoA Seminar Special talks: "Archaeological Astronomical Views in South America" [#ne7f8c42]
*** Speaker: Linda Tacconi (MPE Garching) [#w10e627c]

*** Speaker 1: Prof. Hideo Kimura (U.Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences) [#qb60daf9]
*** Title: The Evolution of Molecular Gas and Star Formation from the Peak Epoch of Galaxy Formation to the Present [#jb649cdc]

*** Title: (TBA) [#u1a41e0c]
Comprehensive and systematic studies of the molecular content of galaxies during the epochs that are associated with the peak (z~1-2), and subsequent winding down (z<1) of star formation in the Universe are enabling us to illustrate the important role that cold gas, , the fuel for star formation, has played in the assembly of galaxies across cosmic time.  Surveys, including COLDGASS and PHIBSS1&2,  already provide robust molecular gas detections in hundreds of normal, star forming galaxies, from redshifts 0-2.5.  In this talk, we focus on results from PHIBSS, comprising two IRAM Large Programs, where we are we have are mapping the CO J=3-2 or J-2-1 line emission in ~200 such galaxies from z=0.5-2.5; we find that galaxies at these epochs are very gas rich, relative to their star-forming counterparts in the local Universe.  We discuss scaling relations for massive star forming galaxies that we derive from these data, and the impact of all of these new observations on our understanding of galaxy evolution in the early Universe. 

 Abstract: (TBA)

*** Speaker 2: Ana María Barón (Environmental Consultant) [#z1273f4e]
*** 第261回: 2015/3/5 (Thu) 15:30-16:30 [#y0c6ad97]

*** Speaker:  Leonardo Vanzi (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile) [#w10e627c]

 Abstract: (TBA)
*** Title: Astronomical Instrumentation Made in Chile [#wac46e13]

*** 第254回: 2014/10/16 (Thu) 15:30-16:30 [#je0027ac]
 Since the recognition of Chile as an Astronomical paradise about 50 years ago, 
 Chilean Astronomy has grown inflactionary to the proportion of being today 
 one of the most productive areas of science in Chile, represented by a well developed 
 community at the level of the most developed countries. Today we are facing 
 a second phase in this growth with a program aimed at the development in Chile 
 of instrumentation for astronomy. This task is being especially challenging 
 because of the limiting boundary conditions of a developing country. 
 In this talk I will present the efforts carried out in this direction at the Center of 
 Astro Engineering UC, the first scientific results obtained with astronomical instruments 
 made in Chile and the exciting challenges that we are preparing for the future.

*** Speaker: James Chibueze (Chile Observatory, NAOJ) [#o4af0967]

*** Title: (TBA) [#u1a41e0c]

 Abstract: (TBA)

** 趣旨 [#v1d3180b]
東京大学・天文学教育研究センターでは2003年4月から, [[院生コロキウム:http://www.ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp/colloquium/wiki/]]に引き続き, 談話会を開いています. 
第一線で活躍されている研究者の方々を講師にお招きし, 最先端の研究成果をお話しいただきます. 
講師の方には, 大学院生の参加者のことも考慮し, レビュー的な側面も含めた上で, ご自身の研究紹介をお願いしています.

**日時 [#q477aa18]

**場所 [#t599f0e2]

**標準タイムテーブル [#i15c8b29]

**世話人 [#zd16b7cd]
-河野 孝太郎: kkohno_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)
-田辺 俊彦: ttanabe_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)
-河野孝太郎: kkohno_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)
-田辺俊彦: ttanabe_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)
-石井峻: sishii_at_ioa.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (_at_を@に置き換えてください)

**予定 [#j8e660b8]
|BGCOLOR(cyan):#|BGCOLOR(cyan):日付|BGCOLOR(cyan):講演者 (所属)|BGCOLOR(cyan):タイトル|
|253|2014/10/8(Wed) 13:35 - 14:00 |Prof. Hideo Kimura (U.Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)|(TBD)|
| |2014/10/8(Wed) 14:00 - 14:30 |Ana María Barón (Environmental Consultant)|ARCHAEOLOGY AND CULTURAL HERITAGE IN THE CONTEXT OF ALMA AND TAO PROJECT|
|254|2014/10/16(Thu)|James Chibueze (Chile Observatory, NAOJ)|(TBD)|
|25X|2014/11/20(Thu)|齋藤正雄 (NRO, NAOJ)|多波長観測によるLupus星形成領域の観測的研究|
|25X|2014/12/18(Thu)|Wiphu Rujopakarn (IPMU, U.Tokyo)|(TBD)|
|262|2015/4/9(Thu)|Linda Tacconi (MPE Garching)|The Evolution of Molecular Gas and Star Formation from the Peak Epoch of Galaxy Formation to the Present|

**終了した談話会(2014年度) [#qc092a5c]
詳細はこちら: [[平成26 (2014) 年度談話会]]
|BGCOLOR(cyan):#|BGCOLOR(cyan):日付|BGCOLOR(cyan):講演者 (所属)|BGCOLOR(cyan):タイトル|
|245|2014/05/8(Thu)|藤井通子 (NAOJ)|N体シミュレーションで探る星団の形成と進化|
|246|2014/05/12(Mon) 16:00-17:00※曜日・開始時刻注意|Francois Petrelis(Laboratoire de Physique Statistique, Ecole Normale Superieure)|Reversals and Dynamics of the magnetic field generated by dynamo instability|
|247|2014/05/15(Thu)|細川隆史 (東大)|The first stars: their diversity and beyond|
|248|2014/06/19(Thu)|大澤亮 (東大 IoA)|星周環境における PAH とそのスペクトルの進化|
|249|2014/06/26(Thu)|中島王彦 (NAOJ)|星形成銀河の星間物質の電離状態|
|250|2014/07/03(Thu)|廿日出文洋 (NAOJ)|Two gamma-ray bursts from dusty regions with little molecular gas|
|251|2014/07/17(Thu)|福島登志夫 (NAOJ)|Analytical computation of generalized Fermi-Dirac integrals by truncated Sommerfeld expansions|
|252|2014/08/21(Thu)|但木謙一 (NAOJ)|最盛期の銀河形成を解剖する|
|253|2014/10/8(Wed) 13:35 - 14:00 |Prof. Hideo Kimura (U.Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)|Native Andean and Amazonian Astronomy|
| |2014/10/8(Wed) 14:00 - 14:30 |Ana María Barón (Environmental Consultant)|Archaeology and cultural heritage in the context of ALMA and TAO project|
|254|2014/10/16(Thu)|James Chibueze (Chile Observatory, NAOJ)|The Puzzle of Massive Star Formation: A Multi-wavelength Approach|
|255|2014/10/23(Thu)|Mark Hammonds (U.Tokyo)|Decomposition of the 3 micron feature in AKARI grism spectra|
|256|2014/11/20(Thu)|Ronin Wu (U.Tokyo)|Spatially resolved physical conditions in M83, revealed by the Herschel SPIRE FTS|
|257|2014/12/04(Thu)|川口俊宏 (国立天文台・天文データセンター)|銀河衝突に伴う巨大ブラックホールの進化|
|258|2015/1/29(Thu)|Giuseppe Bono (University of Rome Tor Vergata)|The E-ELT project and stellar populations|
|259|2015/2/16(Mon) 14:00 - 15:00|Kevin Bundy (IPMU, U.Tokyo)|MaNGA: Mapping Nearby Galaxies at APO An IFU Survey of 10,000 Galaxies|
|260|2015/2/19(Thu)|Wiphu Rujopakarn (IPMU, U.Tokyo)|Resolving the Obscured Cosmic Accretion History and Modes of Galaxy Assembly|
|261|2015/3/5(Thu)|Leonardo Vanzi (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile)|Astronomical Instrumentation Made in Chile|

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