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About the Workshop

SWIMS is a NIR spectrograph/imager for TAO 6.5m telescope, capable of imaging of maximum 9.6 arcmin FoV (6.6x3.3arcmin on Subaru) with unique set of medium-and narrow-band filters, as well as multi-object spectroscopy with R~1000. Also, simultaneous imaging/spectroscopy of 0.9-1.4 and 1.4-2.45um wavelength ranges using a dichroic mirror provides us high observational efficiency.

We are proposing to transport SWIMS to the Subaru telescope at the beginning of 2016 and to offer it to the community as a PI instrument there. After the completion of the 6.5m telescope, it will then be transferred to Chile and start the first-light observations at the 6.5m telescope (now scheduled in 2018).

The main scope of this workshop is to introduce and share the current status of SWIMS with the community, and discuss possible science cases with SWIMS either at Subaru or at TAO.

We have now prepared a web page to explain overview and detailed specification of SWIMS here for your reference.

SWIMS Science WS Coordinators :
K. Motohara, M. Konishi, H. Takahashi, T. Kodama, M. Hayashi, Y. Koyama and K. Tadaki


(I) : Invited Talk (35min+5min)
(C) : Contributed Talk (15min+5min)

10:00Opening remark (5min)K. Motohara (Univ. Tokyo)fileswims-opening.pdf
[SWIMS Status] (Chair: H. Takahashi)
10:05"SWIMS Overview" (15min)K. Motohara (Univ. Tokyo)fileswims-overview2.pdf
"Current Status of SWIMS" (20min)M. Konishi (Univ. Tokyo)fileswims_progress_20150917a.pdf
"Current Status of SWIMS-IFU" (10min)Y. Kitagawa (Univ. Tokyo)fileSWIMS-WS_kitagawa.pdf
10:50Coffee Break (10min)
[Star Formation] (Chair:H. Takahashi)
11:00(I) "Massive Star Formation Triggered by Collisions of Molecular Clouds"K. Torii (Nagoya Univ.)fileTAO-SWIMS_ccc20150916.pdf
(C) "Research of Massive Star Clusters by NIR Narrow-band Imaging Observations"H. Takahashi (Univ. Tokyo)fileSWIMS_takahashi.compressed.pdf
12:00Lunch Break (60min)
[SWIMS-18] (Chair: K. Motohara)
13:00(C) "Overview of the SWIMS-18 Survey"T. Kodama (NAOJ)fileswims-ws-20150917-kodama.pdf
(I) "Theory of Galaxy Formation and SWIMS"K. Nagamine (Osaka Univ.)fileNagamine_SWIMS.pdf
(C) "SWIMS-18 Narrow-Band Survey Near and Far"Y. Koyama (NAOJ)file20150917_SWIMS_WS_Koyama.pdf
14:20Coffee Break (20min)
14:40(I) "The ZFOURGE Survey"L. Spitler(Macquarie Univ./AAO)fileSWIMS_workshop_NOAJ_Sept2015_Spitler.pptx.pdf
(C) "Protocluster search conducted by narrow/medium-band imaging"J. Toshikawa (NAOJ)fileswims_ws_toshikawa.pdf
(C) "Comparison of global physical properties between H-alpha and [OIII] emitters at z=2.23"T. Suzuki (Sokendai)fileSWIMSws_suzuki_20150017.pdf
(I) "ALMA observations for H-alpha emitters at z~2"K. Tadaki (MPE)fileSWIMS_tadaki.pdf
16:40End of 1st day
18:30Dinner at "Hiwa Ochite Sake Tanoshi"

[High Redshift Galaxies] (Chair: T. Kodama)
9:30(C) "Quick Suvery of Protoclusers around AGNs"I. Tanaka (NAOJ)fileSWIMS_WS_2015_ITanaka.pdf
(I) "Rest-frame optical emission lines properties of high-z galaxies in different environments"J. Silverman (Kavli IPMU)filejsilverman_tao_swims.pdf
10:30Coffee Break (20min)
10:50(C) "ISM properties and AGN activities of z=1.4-2.7 galaxies explored by `expensive' spectroscopic survey with SWIMS"R. Shimakawa (Sokendai)fileswims_ws_rhythm.pdf
(C) "IFU spectroscopy of high-z radio galaxies with SWIMS"M. Hayashi (NAOJ)fileSWIMS-WS_20150918_Hayashi.pdf
(C) "Search for distant (z>6) quasars with SWIMS+HSC"Y. Matsuoka (NAOJ)fileymatsuoka.pdf
11:50Lunch Break (70min)
[Planets and Stars] (Chair: M. Konishi)
13:00(C) "Observation of Exoplanet-Atmosphere by SWIMS"A. Fukui(NAOJ)/N. Narita (ABC)file20150918_fukui_exoplanet.pdf
(C) "Material Science of the Solar System Probed by NIR Observations"F. Yoshida (NAOJ)fileSWIMS20150918.pdf
(C) "Probe the Stellar Population of Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies using Photometry and Spectrosocpy of Variable Stars"N. Matsunaga (Univ. Tokyo)file20150918Matsunaga.pdf
(C) "Our NIR IFU/MOS observations of SNRs and future application to SWIMS"H. Lee (KASI)filehglee20150918swims_ioa.pdf
14:20Coffee Break (20min)
[Synergy with Other Facilities] (Chair: M. Konishi)
14:40(C) "NIR observations of gravitational wave sources"M. Tanaka (NAOJ)filetanaka_20150918.pdf
(C) "COMING-TAO collaborations: COMING-PLUS"H. Kaneko (NAOJ)file20150917-18TAO_SWIMS WS.pdf
(C) "ALMA-TAO/SWIMS synergies"K. Kohno (Univ. Tokyo)file150918_ALMA-SWIMS-ver6_forPublic.pdf
15:40Summary and Discussion (30 min)fileswims-summary.pdf
16:10End of Workshop



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