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この状況を鑑み、国際研究会"Mid Infrared Astronomy, Past 20 years and Future 20 years"が2019年8月27日-28日の2日間、国立天文台三鷹にて開催されました。この研究会の主な目的は2点、これまで20年の中間赤外線の歴史や到達点を明らかにすることと、今後20年の研究戦略を検討することです。日本を中心に米国や台湾の研究者が50名参加し (リモートを含む) 、25件の口頭発表が行われました。TAOグループからは宮田が研究会代表 (SOC Chair) を務めたほか、酒向・上塚がSOC/LOCとして参加しました。またTAO/MIMIZUKUの状況について上塚が講演を行いました。




Title: Mid Infrared Astronomy, Past 20 years and Future 20 years
Date: August 27 (Tue) 10:00 AM - 28 (Wed) 17:00 PM (JST)
Location: #302, 3F, Instrument Development Building No.3 (N5; 開発棟3号館), Mitaka Campus, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Day1 (Aug.27)
time presenter title
10:00 Opening Remarks
Session-I: COMICS and future MIR instruments, chair Sakon (U.Tokyo)
10:05 Kataza (ISAS) Project "COMICS"
10:20 Fujiyoshi (Subaru) COMICS: observations and results
10:45 Panel Discussion:Lesson learned from COMICS
11:15 Kamizuka (IoA/UT) Latest status of TAO/MIMIZUKU
11:45 Packham (UTSA) MICHI - A Future Instrument for the next Decade(s) of Thermal IR Astronomy
Session-II: Planets and Exoplanets, Chair Fujiyoshi (NAOJ)
13:30 Atmospheres Orton (JPL/NASA) Current and Future Mid-Infrared Observations of Planetary
14:00 Ootsubo (ISAS) The past, today, and the future of the ground-based mid-IR spectroscopy of comets
14:30 Usui (Kobe U.) Search for Water on Asteroids with TAO/MIMIZUKU
15:00 Sekiguchi (Hokkaido Univ of Education) Thermal IR Photometry of Small Bodies in the Solar System
15:20 (Break)
15:40 Nomura (NAOJ) MIR Observations of Water and Organic Molecules in Protoplanetary Disks
16:00 Ishihara (ISAS) Debris disks and Zodiacal light - Synergy with SPICA
16:30 Takami (ASIAA) Time Variation of Silicate Compositions in Low-Mass Protoplanetary Disks
17:00 Ikoma (DoE/UT) Infra-red observations for exoplanets of particular interest from theoretical points of view
17:30 Narita (ABC) Expected mid-infrared science for exoplanets
18:30 WS dinner @ Cosmos Lodge, NAOJ

Day2 (Aug.28)
time presenter title
Session-III Stars and ISM, chair Yamashita (NAOJ)
9:30 Ohnishi (Osaka Prefecture Univ) Formation of deeply embedded proto-clusters in molecular clouds; the importance of the spatially resolved observations
10:00 Hsieh/Takami (ASIAA) Mid-IR Imaging Survey for High-Mass Protostars
10:30 Shimonishi (Tohoku Univ) NIR-MIR-Radio Spectroscopic Study of Astrochemistry at Low Metallicity
11:00 Tachibana (UTOPS/UT) New cosmochemistry from mid-infrared astronomy
11:30 Nozawa (NAOJ) Probing the formation and destruction processes of dust with large MIR telescopes
12:00 Buragohain (DoA/UT) New cosmochemistry from mid-infrared astronomyInvestigation of Interstellar Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon molecules as carriers for mid-infrared emission bands: combined approach
Session-III Stars and ISM (cont'd), Chair Sako (U.Tokyo)
13:30 Kamizuka (IoA/UT) Monitoring, resolving, and revealing the dust formation and mass-loss phenomena around Asymptotic Giant Branch stars
14:00 Lau (ISAS) An American Perspective on Ground, Airborne, and Space-based Mid-IR Astronomy
14:30 Sakon (DoA/UT) Understanding the properties of dust and organics formed in novae
Session-IV: AGN, Chair Sako (U.Tokyo)
15:00 Izumi (NAOJ) High resolution MIR study on AGN
15:30 Yamada (Kyoto Univ) Exploring "Buried" Active Galactic Nuclei in Merging Galaxies with Subarcsecond Mid-infrared Observations
16:00 Discussion: What's the key of future MIR observations?


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