MIMIZUKU : Mid Infrared Multi-field Imager for gaZing at the UnKnown Universe

MIMIZUKUimg.png MIMIZUKUimg-Subaru.jpg


  • MIMIZUKU achieved first light at Subaru telescope (2018/7) Japanese / English


  • brief summary : fileTAOMIMIZUKU.pdf
    • A mid infrared ainstrument for the TAO 6.5-m and the Subaru 8.2-m telescopes
    • Wide wavelength coverage from 2 to 38 micron
    • Diffraction limited spatial resolution (1.2" @30um)
    • Accurate monitoring capability with "Field Stacker"


添付ファイル: fileMIMIZUKUimg-Subaru.jpg 944件 [詳細] fileMIMIZUKUimg.png 901件 [詳細] fileTAOMIMIZUKU.pdf 1740件 [詳細] fileMIMIZUKU-anime.gif 600件 [詳細] filemimizuku-photo2.jpg 1223件 [詳細] filetrans.png 1514件 [詳細] fileMIMIZUKU-illust1.png 1216件 [詳細]

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