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What is the TAO project?

The TAO project is a plan to build a world-top infrared-optimized telescope with a 6.5m diameter aperture on the summit of Cerro Chajnantor at Atacama in north Chile. This telescope will be dedicated to understand the nature of the Universe and the origin of life. The TAO project is promoted by Institute of Astronomy (IoA), the University of Tokyo with collaboration with the Department of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo, many other Japanese facilities including the National Astronomical Observatory, ISAS/JAXA, and other universities as well as partnership with the Department of Astronomy, the University of Chile.

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July 3, 2018
MIMIZUKU achieved first light at Subaru telescope!
TopFig03 On July 3, 2018, MIMIZUKU, the mid-infrared instrument for the TAO 6.5-m telescope, successfully achieved the first light observation at the Subaru telescope of the NAOJ in Hawaii. We confirmed that the imaging function and its special optical device gfield stackerh work well. After another engineering observation at the Subaru telescope, MIMIZUKU will be transported to TAO. more>>
May 30, 2018
SWIMS sees First Light on the Subaru Telescope!
SWIMS_top May 30, 2018, the near-infrared instrument, SWIMS, developed for the TAO 6.5 m telescope, has been installed on the Subaru Telescope of the NAOJ at Hawaii for performance verification, and successfully made its "first light" observations. SWIMS will be transported to TAO after evaluating and adjusting the observing performance based on data taken on the Subaru telescope. more>>
Jan 28, 2018
Unveiling Ceremony and Commemorative Lectures for Completion of Shop Assembly of TAO 6.5m Telescope Mount
IMG_4477top Temporary shop assembly and adjustment works of the TAO 6.5m telescope mount was finished and the whole picture of the telescope mount was finally revealed. A unveiling ceremony was held for domestic astronomy researchers and affiliated companies before the mount is disassembled and shipped to Chile. Also, commemorative lectures were held in the Akashi civic square. more>>
Dec 20, 2017
Ground-breaking ceremony was held at the summit of Co. Chajnantor
IMG_4128btop Ground-breaking ceremony was held at the summit of Co. Chajnantor on December 20. Understanding and cooperation by local people are essential for the construction. The ceremony was conducted according to local style; including words of prayer and offering alcohol. With this ceremony, construction on the summit will start in name and reality. more>>
Nov 22, 2017
The first stone ceremony of TAO6.5m telescope was held in Chile
IMG_0237catop On Nov. 22, 2017, just before the site construction, first stone ceremony of TAO 6.5-m telescope was held in Chile. There were 80 participants to the ceremony from domestic and overseas. We received many greetings of welcome and celebration from many people including Dr. Mario Hamuy (President of CONICYT) and Mr. Yoshinobu Hayashi(Ambassador of Japan to Chile).
Oct 11, 2017
Mid-infrared camera MIMIZUKU transported to Hawaii
MMZK03top Mid-infrared camera MIMIZUKU which will be equipped to TAO 6.5-m telescope has finished its development in Mitaka and shipped to Hawaii for the engineering observation at the Subaru telescope in NAOJ Hawaii Observatory. The transport completed in October 11, 2017. The expected performance was confirmed through laboratory experiments. more>>
Sep 15, 2017
Delegation of the House of Representatives of Japan visited the base facility and the summit site of TAO
DSC_0347 On September 15, 2017, the delegation of the House of Representatives of Japan, who were visiting Chile for celebrating 120th anniversary of establishment of diplomaticrelations with Japan, visited the base facility and the summit site. The members of TAO including Dr. Yoshii, PI of TAO, accompanied explaining the schedules and expected scientific outputs.
Jul 21, 2017
Wide-field Infrared Multi-object Spectrograph, SWIMS, heading to Hawaii
DSC_0347 The Wide-field Infrared Multi-object Spectrograph for the TAO 6.5-m telescope, SWIMS, has started to be transported to Hawaii, after all development has been completed, for performing engineering observations on the Subaru telescope, NAOJ. As the first component, the cryostat was shipped from the IoA campus at Mitaka on July 5th 2017, and then transported to Hawaii on July 21st.
Nov 7-10, 2016
"Chile-Japan Academic Forum 2016" was held in the southern Chile, Patagonia
Patagonia_TOP In Patagonia, Chile, the Univ. of Tokyo, Univ. of Chile and Pontifical Catholic Univ. of Chile hosted a Chile-Japan Academic Forum and workshops on 12 fields were held. Associate Professor Motohara from the TAO project organized a "Astronomy and Astronomical Instrumentation" workshop with 37 presentations, which gained popularity as the largest workshop in this Forum.
Oct 17, 2016
Administrative staffs of the University of Tokyo visited the TAO Base Facility / Summit Site
Utokyo staffs_TOP On October 17, 2016, members of Administration Bureau and School of Science of the UTokyo visited the TAO Base Facility and Summit Site. Prof. Yoshii, the PI of TAO, explained the current situation of the site and development of the project. The project has been coordinating with the bureau to prepare for the coming construction.