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What is the TAO project?

The TAO project is a plan to build a world-top infrared-optimized telescope with a 6.5m diameter aperture on the summit of Cerro Chajnantor at Atacama in north Chile. This telescope will be dedicated to understand the nature of the Universe and the origin of life. The TAO project is promoted by Institute of Astronomy (IoA), the University of Tokyo with collaboration with the Department of Astronomy, the University of Tokyo, many other Japanese facilities including the National Astronomical Observatory, ISAS/JAXA, and other universities as well as partnership with the Department of Astronomy, the University of Chile.

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Sep 17, 2015
The third SWIMS Science Workshop has been held
TAOwind Simultaneous-color Wide-field Infrared Multi-object Spectrograph, or SWIMS, is a first-generation instrument for the TAO 6.5-m telescope currently under construction. SWIMS, one of the next-generation astronomical large instruments, has imaging functions (a field-of-view of 9.6 arcminφ ...more>>
May 1, 2015
Succeed in predicting complicated wind behavior around the telescope enclosure in the collaborative study with Kyushu University and Environmental GIS Laboratory Co. Ltd.
TAOwind As a research collaboration with the Research Institute for Applied Mechanics (RIAM) at Kyushu University and Environmental GIS Laboratory Co. Ltd., a large-scale numerical simulation has been successfully performed to predict and visualize the complicated wind distributions around the top of Cerro Chajnantor including the telescope enclosure and the operation building. ...more>>
Nov 28, 2014
Final Polish of the 6.5m Primary Mirror Has Started
The images of mirror The primary mirror of the TAO telescope, to which the lights from astronomical objects first enters, has an aperture of 6.5m in diameter. After the approval of the construction budget in 2013, we have studied the design of the primary mirror and decided to incorporate the light-weighted honeycomb mirror fabricated by the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab at the University of Arizona...more>>
Nov 19, 2014
TAO/AIUC Joint Workshop was held
TAOmirror Various components for the TAO 6.5m telescope are now under development, targeting at the first light in 2018. In addition, a near-infrared camera/spectrograph SWIMS and a mid-infrared instrument MIMIZUKU are being developed at Mitaka campus, and now under final performance verification phase. ...more>>
Jul 24,30, 2014
2nd Extended TAO Technical Meeting and TAO External Review Were Held
group photo As the design of the telescope and ancillary facilities progressed and some of their production started, the second extended technical meeting and external review were held. Following these meetings, we will accelerate the detailed design and the production to complete the construction of the telescope together with the related institutions and companies. ...more>>
Jul 1, 2014
TAO Base Facility Close to Completion
The images of the TAO base facility The TAO base facility, which supports the operation and development of the TAO telescope, is under construction in San Pedro de Atacama since May 2013. Now it is nearing completion, and the completion ceremony is planned in November 2014. This article reports about the facility and its current status. ...more>>
Jun 22, 2014
Presentation in SPIE2014 in June 2014
The images of the veanue of SPIE2014. The international conference on optics, SPIE (International Society of Optics and Photonics) was held at Montreal of The Province of Quebec, Canada on 22-27 June 2014, with an attendance of more than 2000. The SPIE is an international conference held every two years mainly in USA and Europe alternately. The forefront of technology is presented there on observations/measurements including astronomy...more>>
Jun 19, 2014
Io’s volcanism seen by The University of Tokyo Atacama 1-m Telescope (pressreleased: 2014/6/19)
Io, one of the most remarkable moons of Jupiter, is also known as the most volcanically active body in the solar system. Its volcanism is variable, and has been monitored by detecting near infrared thermal emissions since Io’s volcanic thermal emission peaks at near infrared wavelengths. However, there is significant difficulty in near infrared observations of Io ...more>>
Jan 24, 2014
1st TAO Extended Technical Meeting Was Held
The images of the veanue of SPIE2014. As the contracts of the telescope structure and ancillary facilities are also made, the construction of the telescope starts this year. We then have held the 1st extended technical meeting on Jan 24, 2014. 42 people participated, including those from companies and institutions designing/constructing the telescope, as well as from Kiso Observatory and University of Catolica via TV conference system....more>>
Nov 7, 2013
UTokyo Forum 2013
UTforum. Utokyo Forum 2013 in Chile was successfully held from November 7 to 8, co-hosted by Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC) and Universidad de Chile in Santiago, Chile. TAO project has been working together with Chilean universities and government for more than 10 years. Inauguration ceremony of the miniTAO 1m telescope was held in 2010 with attendance of Japanese ambassador to Chile, ....more>>