The Virgo High-Resolution CO-line Survey with NMA

Yoshiaki SOFUE, Jin KODA, Hiroyuki NAKANISHI, Sachiko ONODERA, Kotaro KOHNO, Akihiko TOMITA, Sachiko. K. OKUMURA Abstract We have obtained the Virgo high-resolution CO survey (ViCS) using the Nobeyama Millimeter-wave Array (NMA) in the AB, C and D array configurations. This survey was made during a course of a long-term project at Nobeyama from 1999 December through 2002 April. The objects were selected from Virgo cluster members, while considering the CO richness from the single-dish flux, mild inclination, and a lack of strong tidal perturbations. The central 1 arcmin regions (4.7 kpc) of 15 spiral galaxies were observed with resolutions of 2 - 5" and 10--20 kms/s, and sensitivities of 20 mJy/beam for a 10 km/s channel. The objects lie at the same distance of the Virgo cluster (16.1 Mpc), which is advantageous for comparisons among individual galaxies. We describe the details of observations and data reduction, and present an atlas of integrated CO intensity maps, velocity fields and position--velocity diagrams along the major axes. The molecular gas morphology in the Virgo galaxies shows a wealth of variety, not specifically depending on the Hubble types. Several galaxies show a strong concentration of gas in the central few kpc region, where the CO morphology shows either a ``single-peak" or a ``twin-peaks".