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**資料 [#a0f95381]

*** 2018年6月27日 (水) 09:30- @IOA会議室 [#m944536f]
-- J.P. Pérez-Beaupuits et al., "A thorough view of the nuclear region of NGC 253 - Combined Herschel, SOFIA and APEX dataset" 
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.10860,論文);, &ref(./astro-ph_20180627_NT.pdf,,資料);

*** 2018年6月6日 (水) 09:30- @IOA会議室 [#m944536f]

-- Robert A. Simcoe, et al., "Background-Limited Imaging in the Near-Infrared with Warm InGaAs Sensors: Applications for Time-Domain Astronomy" 
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1805.08791,,論文);, &ref(./astro-ph_ohsawa_20180606.pdf,,資料);

*** 2018年5月23日 (月) 09:30- @IOA会議室 [#m944536f]
-- Matthew & Schaye, "The origin of scatter in the star formation rate - stellar mass relation" 
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1805.05956,,論文);, &ref(./astro-ph_terao_20180523.pdf,,資料);

*** 2018年5月?日 (月) 09:30- @IOA会議室 [#m944536f]
-- Miller et al., "A massive core for a cluster of galaxies at a redshift of 4.3" 
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.09231,,論文);, &ref(./aph180507.pdf,,資料);

*** 2018年5月7日 (月) 09:30- @IOA会議室 [#m944536f]
-- Salim et al., "Dust Attenuation Curves in the Local Universe: Demographics and New Laws for Star-forming Galaxies and High-redshift Analogs" 
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.05850,,論文);, &ref(./astro-ph_ohsawa_20180507.pdf,,資料);

*** 2018年4月18日 (水) 09:30- @IOA会議室 [#m944536f]
- 櫛引
-- Pearson et al., "Main sequence of star forming galaxies beyond the Herschel confusion limit"
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.03482,,論文);, &ref(./astroph_kushibiki_20180418.pdf,,資料);

*** 2018年4月10日 (火) 09:30- @IoA会議室 [#dfffe5a9]
- 小西
-- Liu et al., "Elevation or Suppression? The Resolved Star Formation Main Sequence of Galaxies with Two Different Assembly Modes"
-- &ref(https://arxiv.org/abs/1803.00319,,論文);, &ref(./astroph_konishi_20180410.pdf);

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