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Radio Continuum Survey

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NRO Galactic Plane Survey at 10GHz Handa T., Sofue Y., Nakai N, Hirabayashi H., Inoue M.,1987, "A Radio Continuum Survey of the Galactic Plane at 10 GHz", PASJ 39, 709-753 Whole data(gzip+tar)

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CO(J=2-1) Survey

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Tokyo-NRO Galactic plane survey Sakamoto S., Hasegawa T., Hayashi M., Handa T., Oka T.,1995, "An Out-of-plane CO(J=2-1) Survey of the Milky Way. I. The Data", ApJS 100, 125-131 in preparation
molecular clouds with SNR interaction: W44 and IC443 Seta M., Hasegawa T., Dame T.M., Sakamoto S., Oka T.,Handa T., Hayashi M., Morino J. I., Sorai K., Usuda K. S., 1999, "TheInteraction of Supernova Remnants with Molecular Clouds. I. Large-scale CO J=2-1 Maps of W44 and IC443", ApJ 505, 286-298 contact to Seta () or Handa(see below)
Galactic Center Sawada T., Hasegawa T., Handa T., Morino J.-I., Oka T.,Booth R., Bronfman L., Hayashi M., Luna A.C., Nyman L.-Å., Sakamoto S.,Seta M., Shaver P., Sorai K., Usuda K.S., 2001, "The Tokyo-Onsala-ESO-CalánGalactic CO J=2-1 Survey. I. The Galactic Center Region" ApJS 136, 189 contact to Sawada () or Handa(see below)


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