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**SWIMS on Subaru Workshop 2020 [#x130427d]
***About the Workshop [#a4256bc5]
Institute of Astronomy, School of Science, University of Tokyo is developing a
new near-infrared camera/spectrograph called SWIMS as one of the
first-generation instrument for the TAO 6.5m telescope.
It saw its first light on Subaru telescope in May 2018, and its commissioning
observations has been carried out since then.

SWIMS will be open to the community as a PI-type instrument on
Subaru telescope starting from S21A for four semesters.
The main scope of the workshop is to share the current status of SWIMS
with potential users, and discuss possible science cases at Subaru telescope.

All those interested or thinking of observations with SWIMS are welcome.
Please fill in the following registration form to participate ;
The zoom link to the workshop will be provided only to those registered.
Note that the workshop will be held in English.

 K. Motohara, M. Konishi, H. Takahashi,
 T. Kodama, M. Hayashi, Y. Koyama, K. Tadaki, T. Suzuki

***Program [#x26c414e]
|11:00| Opening remark (5min)|                      K. Motohara (NAOJ)|&ref(SoSworkshop.pdf);|
|>|>|>|LEFT:~[Instrument Session] (Chair: Motohara)|
|11:05| "Current Status of SWIMS and Expected Performance on Subaru Telescope" (30min)| K. Motohara (NAOJ)|&ref(SWIMSoverview_v2.pdf);|
|11:35|"PI Instrument Operation at Subaru Telescope (TBC)" (10min) |Y. Koyama (NAOJ)|&ref(20200726_SWIMS_on_Subaru_Koyama2.pdf);|
|11:45| Q&A (15min) |||
|12:00|>|>|CENTER:Lunch Break (60min)|
|>|>|>|LEFT:~[Science Session 1] (Chair: Konishi)|
|13:00|"SWIMS-18 survey and its pilot observations on Subaru" (20min) |T. Kodama (Tohoku Univ.)|&ref();|
|13:20|"Search for protoclusters at z~4-5: plausible sites of the formation of massive galaxies"|J. Toshikawa (Univ. Tokyo)|&ref();|
|13:40|"Investigation of chemical enrichment in the early universe by observing high-z quasars" (20min) |H. Sameshima (Univ. Tokyo)|&ref();|
|14:00|"SWIMS spectroscopy of HSC-NB emitters at z~1.47" (20min) |M. Hayashi (NAOJ)|&ref();|
|14:20|"Spectroscopy of dual quasars from HSC" (10min) | J. Silverman (Univ. Tokyo)|&ref(jsilverman_swims_july2020.pdf);|
|14:30|>|>|CENTER:Break (20min)|
|>|>|>|LEFT:~[Science Session 2] (Chair: Tadaki)|
|14:50|"Characterization of Exoplanets by the Synergy of SWIMS and MuSCAT3" (20min) |M. Mori (Univ. Tokyo)|&ref();|
|15:10|"Time-Domain Science with Subaru/SWIMS" (20min)|Y. Niino (Univ. Tokyo)|&ref();|
|15:30|"Swimming through the interstellar medium in galaxies" (20min)| T. Saito (MPIA)|&ref(tsaito_sos_ws_2020.pdf);|
|15:50|"SWIMS views of low-luminosity quasars at z>6" (20min)| M. Onoue (MPIA)|&ref();|
|15:50|"SWIMS views of low-luminosity quasars at z>6" (20min)| M. Onoue (MPIA)|&ref(20200727_SWIMSWS_onoue_public.pdf);|
|16:10|>|>|CENTER:Break (20min)|
|16:30| Q&A and Discussion (30 min)| (Chair: Kodama)|[[./discussion_presentation]]|
|17:00|>|>|CENTER:End of Workshop|

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