1709.06569 : Matthee+ "ALMA reveals metals yet no dust within multiple components in CR7"

1709.02526 : Hirashita+ "Dust masses of z>5 galaxies from SED fitting and ALMA upper limits"

1707.07713 : Mas-Ribas+ "Small-scale Intensity Mapping: Extended Halos as a Probe of the Ionizing Escape Fraction and Faint Galaxy Populations during Reionization"

1706.04613 : Stefanon+ "HST imaging of the brightest z~8-9 galaxies from UltraVISTA: the extreme bright end of the UV luminosity function"

1706.09968 : Jones+ "Galaxy Formation Through Filamentary Accretion at z=6.1"

1705.07912 : Strandet+ "ISM properties of a Massive Dusty Star-Forming Galaxy discovered at z ~ 7"

1705.08662 : Decarli+ "Rapidly star-forming galaxies adjacent to quasars at redshifts exceeding 6"

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