1710.01251 : Mazzucchelli+ "Physical properties of 15 quasars at z≳6.5"

1709.08975 : Ostrovski+ "The Discovery of a Five-Image Lensed Quasar at z = 3.34 using PanSTARRS and Gaia"

1709.07971 : Fan+ "The SCUBA-2 850 μm follow-up of WISE-selected, luminous dust-obscured quasars"

1706.04789 : Maddox+ "Far-infrared emission in luminous quasars accompanied by nuclear outflows"

1708.00314 : Ikeda+ "An Optically Faint Quasar Survey at z~5 in the CFHTLS Wide Field: Estimates of the Black Hole Masses and Eddington Ratios"

1706.05785 : Koptelova+ "Discovery of a very Lyman-α-luminous quasar at z=6.62"

1705.10799 : Krishnan+ "Enhancement of AGN in a protocluster at z=1.6"

1705.03769 : Hewlett+ "The redshift evolution of major merger triggering of luminous AGN: a slight enhancement at z∼2"

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