1709.00991 : Caruana+ "The MUSE-Wide survey: A measurement of the Lyα emitting fraction among z>3 galaxies"

1707.01109 : Diener+ "The MUSE-Wide survey: Detection of a clustering signal from Lyman-α-emitters at 3<z<6"

1707.01443 : Guaita+ "The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: The role of HI kinematics and HI column density on the escape of Lyalpha photons in star-forming galaxies at 2<z<4"

1706.04620 : Goto+ "No Lyα emitters detected around a QSO at z=6.4: Suppressed by the QSO?"

1706.03586 : Hu+ "First Spectroscopic Confirmations of z ≈ 7.0 Lyα Emitting Galaxies in the LAGER Survey"

1705.05728 : North+ "MUSE-inspired view of the quasar Q2059-360, its Lyman alpha blob, and its neighborhood"

1705.00733 : Shibuya+ "SILVERRUSH. III. Deep Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Lya and UV-Nebular Lines of Bright Lya Emitters at z=6-7"

1708.05249 : "A Magellan M2FS Spectroscopic Survey of Galaxies at 5.5<z<6.8: Program Overview and a Sample of the Brightest Lyman-alpha Emitters"

1708.00447 : Bădescu+ "Discovery of a Proto-cluster Associated with a Ly-α Blob Pair at z=2.3"

1706.09428 : McGreer+ "A bright lensed galaxy at z=5.4 with strong Lyα emission"

1705.07125 : Vernet+ "Are we seeing accretion flows in a 250kpc-sized Ly-alpha halo at z=3?"

Other Emitters

1705.06355 : Rutkowski+ "The Lyman Continuum escape fraction of emission line-selected z∼2.5 galaxies is less than 15%"

1705.08215 : Herenz+ "The MUSE-Wide Survey: A first catalogue of 831 emission line galaxies"

1705.01101 : Khostovan+ "The clustering of Hβ+[OIII] and [OII] emitters since z~5: dependencies with line luminosity and stellar mass"

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