Galaxy Evolution

1707.04259 : Pallottini+ "The impact of chemistry on the structure of high-z galaxies"

1707.01094 : Price+ "Testing the Recovery of Intrinsic Galaxy Sizes and Masses of z~2 Massive Galaxies Using Cosmological Simulations"

1707.01511 : Nanayakkara "MOSFIRE Spectroscopy of Galaxies in Cosmic Noon"

1707.00706 : Johnson+ "Star Formation at z=2.481 in the Lensed Galaxy SDSS J1110+6459: Star Formation down to 30 parsec -scales"

1707.00704 : Rigby+ "Star Formation at z=2.481 in the Lensed Galaxy SDSS J1110+6459, II: What is missed at the normal resolution of the Hubble Space Telescope?"

1707.00702 : Wong+ "ALMA Observations of the Gravitational Lens SDP.9"

1707.00990 : Wang+ "SCUBA-2 Ultra Deep Imaging EAO Survey (STUDIES): Faint-End Counts at 450 um"

1707.00694 : Smith+ "A complete distribution of redshifts for sub-millimetre galaxies in the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey UDS field"

1707.00637 : Miettinen+ "An ALMA survey of submillimetre galaxies in the COSMOS field: Physical properties derived from energy balance spectral energy distribution modelling"

1707.00226 : Liu+ "The Origins of UV-optical Color Gradients in Star-forming Galaxies at z ~ 2: Predominant Dust Gradients But Negligible sSFR Gradients"

1706.09428 : McGreer+ "A bright lensed galaxy at z=5.4 with strong Lyα emission"

1706.09605 : Laporte+ "The ALMA Frontier Fields Survey - II. Multiwavelength Photometric analysis of 1.1mm continuum sources in Abell 2744, MACSJ0416.1-2403 and MACSJ1149.5+2223"

1706.09968 : Jones+ "Galaxy Formation Through Filamentary Accretion at z=6.1"

1706.07059 : Santini+ "The Main Sequence relation in the HST Frontier Fields"

1706.05017 : Lee-Brown+ "The Ages of Passive Galaxies in a z=1.62 Protocluster"

1706.05785 : Koptelova+ "Discovery of a very Lyman-α-luminous quasar at z=6.62"

1706.04613 : Stefanon+ "HST imaging of the brightest z~8-9 galaxies from UltraVISTA: the extreme bright end of the UV luminosity function"

1706.04614 : Smit+ "Measurement of rotation in two galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization from ALMA-detected [CII] emission"

1706.04789 : Maddox+ "Far-infrared emission in luminous quasars accompanied by nuclear outflows"

1706.01886 : Oyarzun+ "A Comprehensive Study of Lyα Emission in the High-redshift Galaxy Population"

=> W_Lya, f_esc

1706.03018 : Lu+ "ALMA [NII] 205 micron Imaging Spectroscopy of the Interacting Galaxy System BRI 1202-0725 at Redshift 4.7"

1706.02745 : Christensen+ "A break in the high-redshift stellar mass Tully-Fisher relation"

1706.02311 : Lee+ "The intrinsic characteristics of galaxies on the SFR-stellar mass plane at 1.2<z<4: I. the correlation between stellar age, central density and position relative to the main sequence"

1706.01263 : Repp+ "Hubble SNAPshot observations of massive galaxy clusters"

1706.01366 : Webb+ "Detection of a Substantial Molecular Gas Reservoir in a brightest cluster galaxy at z = 1.7"

1706.00589 :Miettinen+ "On the Kennicutt-Schmidt scaling law of submillimetre galaxies"

1706.00426 : Koprowski+ "The evolving far-IR galaxy luminosity function and dust-obscured star-formation rate density out to z~5"

1705.10327 : Malavasi+ "Reconstructing the galaxy density field with photometric redshifts: II. Environment-dependent galaxy evolution since z≃3"

1705.10330 : Lee+ "A radio-to-mm census of star-forming galaxies in protocluster 4C23.56 at z=2.5 : Gas mass and its fraction revealed with ALMA"

1705.10530 : Stacey+ "Gravitational lensing reveals extreme dust-obscured star formation in quasar host galaxies"

1705.10846 : Kirkpatrick+ "A controlled study of cold dust content in galaxies from z=0−2"

1705.10799 : Krishnan+ "Enhancement of AGN in a protocluster at z=1.6"

1705.09931 : Paraficz+ "ALMA view of RX J1131-1231: Sub-kpc CO (2-1) mapping of a molecular disk in a lensed star-forming quasar host galaxy"

1705.09660 : Riechers+ "Rise of the Titans: A Dusty, Hyper-Luminous "870 micron Riser" Galaxy at z~6"

1705.10283 : Balashev+ "CO-dark molecular gas at high redshift: very large H2 content and high pressure in a low metallicity damped Lyman-alpha system"

1705.08662 : Decarli+ "Rapidly star-forming galaxies adjacent to quasars at redshifts exceeding 6"

1705.08215 : Herenz+ "The MUSE-Wide Survey: A first catalogue of 831 emission line galaxies"

1705.07986 : Mundy+ "A consistent measure of the merger histories of massive galaxies using close-pair statistics I: Major mergers at z<3.5"

1705.07912 : Strandet+ "ISM properties of a Massive Dusty Star-Forming Galaxy discovered at z ~ 7"

[[1705.07655 : Greis+ "Radio observations confirm young stellar populations in local analogues to z∼5 Lyman break galaxies"]]

1705.07596 : Andrews+ "Galaxy And Mass Assembly: the evolution of the cosmic spectral energy distribution from z = 1 to z = 0"

1705.07125 : Vernet+ "Are we seeing accretion flows in a 250kpc-sized Ly-alpha halo at z=3?"

1705.07090 : Smolcic+ "The VLA-COSMOS 3~GHz Large Project: Cosmic evolution of radio AGN and implications for radio-mode feedback since z~5"

1705.06355 : Rutkowski+ "The Lyman Continuum escape fraction of emission line-selected z∼2.5 galaxies is less than 15%"

1705.06296 : Magdis+ "Dust and Gas in Star Forming Galaxies at z~3 - Extending Galaxy Uniformity to 11.5 Billion Years"

1705.05858 : Narayanan+ "The IRX-Beta Dust Attenuation Relation in Cosmological Galaxy Formation Simulations"

1705.06179 : Caputi+ "Star formation in galaxies at z~4-5 from the SMUVS survey: a clear starburst/main-sequence bimodality for Halpha emitters on the SFR-M* plane"

1705.05404 : Wang+ "UVI colour gradients of 0.4<z<1.4 star-forming main sequence galaxies in CANDELS: dust extinction and star formation profiles"

1705.02649 : Farrah+ "The role of the most luminous, obscured AGN in galaxy assembly at z~2"

1705.02567 : Hayashi+ "Evolutionary phase of gas-rich galaxies in a galaxy cluster at z=1.46"

1705.03014 : Feldmann "Are Star Formation Rates of Galaxies Bimodal?"

1705.03062 : Noble+ "ALMA Observations of Gas-Rich Galaxies in z~1.6 Galaxy Clusters: Evidence for Higher Gas Fractions in High-Density Environments"

1705.03769 : Hewlett+ "The redshift evolution of major merger triggering of luminous AGN: a slight enhancement at z∼2"

1705.03680 : Jones+ "Overdensities of SMGs around WISE-selected, ultra-luminous, high-redshift AGN"

[[1705.03503 : Danielson+ "An ALMA survey of submillimetre galaxies in the Extended Chandra Deep Field South: Spectroscopic redshifts"]]

1705.03479 : Stach+ "ALMA pin-points a strong over-density of U/LIRGs in the massive cluster XCS J2215 at z=1.46"

1705.03474 : Simons+ "z~2: An Epoch of Disk Assembly"

1705.01559 : Fudamoto+ "The Dust Attenuation of Star-forming Galaxies at z∼3 and Beyond: New Insights from ALMA Observations"

1705.01174 : Sklias+ "Insights on star formation histories and physical properties of 1.2≤z≤4 Herschel-detected galaxies"

1705.01101 : Khostovan+ "The clustering of Hβ+[OIII] and [OII] emitters since z~5: dependencies with line luminosity and stellar mass"



1705.05398 : Hassan+ "Constraining the contribution of active galactic nuclei to reionisation"


1707.01109 : Diener+ "The MUSE-Wide survey: Detection of a clustering signal from Lyman-α-emitters at 3<z<6"

1707.01443 : Guaita+ "The VIMOS Ultra Deep Survey: The role of HI kinematics and HI column density on the escape of Lyalpha photons in star-forming galaxies at 2<z<4"

1706.04620 : Goto+ "No Lyα emitters detected around a QSO at z=6.4: Suppressed by the QSO?"

1706.03586 : Hu+ "First Spectroscopic Confirmations of z ≈ 7.0 Lyα Emitting Galaxies in the LAGER Survey"

1705.05728 : North+ "MUSE-inspired view of the quasar Q2059-360, its Lyman alpha blob, and its neighborhood"

1705.00733 : Shibuya+ "SILVERRUSH. III. Deep Optical and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Lya and UV-Nebular Lines of Bright Lya Emitters at z=6-7"

Quiescent Galaxy

1706.03438 : Ichikawa+ "Recently Quenched Galaxies at z = 0.2 - 4.8 in the COSMOS UltraVISTA Field"

1705.01946 : Guo+ "CANDELS Sheds Light on the Environmental Quenching of Low-mass Galaxies"

Absorption Line Systems

1706.03075 : Joshi+ "[O II] nebular emission from Mg II absorbers: Star formation associated with the absorbing gas"

1705.08925 : BOsman+ "A deep search for metals near redshift 7: the line-of-sight towards ULAS J1120+0641"

1705.03476 : Lau+ "Quasars Probing Quasars IX. The Kinematics of the Circumgalactic Medium Surrounding z ~ 2 Quasars"

Local Galaxy Structure

1707.03879 : Leslie+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: Disk-halo interactions in radio-selected star-forming galaxies"

1707.00568 : Bait+ "On the interdependence of galaxy morphology, star formation, and environment in massive galaxies in the nearby Universe"

1706.04754 : Zhou+ "The SAMI Galaxy Survey: energy sources of the turbulent velocity dispersion in spatially-resolved local star-forming galaxies"

1706.01884 : Spector+ "EIG - II. Intriguing characteristics of the most extremely isolated galaxies"

1705.02348 : "External versus internal triggers of bar formation in cosmological zoom-in simulations"

1705.00637 : Neumann+ "A combined photometric and kinematic recipe for evaluating the nature of bulges using the CALIFA sample"

Local LIRGs and SFGs[#p8c62124

1707.04435 : Croxall+ "The Origins of [CII] Emission in Local Star-forming Galaxies"

1707.01652 : Murata+ "Relation between polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, Brα and infrared luminosity of local galaxies observed with AKARI"

1707.00254 : Mahoro+ "Star formation of far-IR AGN and non-AGN galaxies in the green valley: possible implication of AGN positive feedback"

1706.09893 : Barrera-Ballesteros + "Separate ways: The Mass-Metallicity Relation does not strongly correlate with Star Formation Rate in SDSS-IV MaNGA galaxies"

1706.08769 : Izotov+ "LBT observations of compact star-forming galaxies with extremely high [OIII]/[OII] flux ratios: HeI emission-line ratios as diagnostics of Lyman continuum leakage"

1705.09663 : Herrero-Illana+ "Star formation and AGN activity in a sample of local Luminous Infrared Galaxies through multi-wavelength characterization"

1705.08367 : Pereira-Santaella+ "Far-infrared metallicity diagnostics: Application to local ultraluminous infrared galaxies"

1706.00881 : Senchyna+ "Ultraviolet spectra of extreme nearby star-forming regions --- approaching a local reference sample for JWST"

1705.01127 : Shimakawa+ "Identification of variability in recent star formation histories of local galaxies based on Hα/UV ratio"

Local ETGs

1706.02704 : van der Burg+ "The abundance of ultra-diffuse galaxies from groups to clusters: UDGs are relatively more common in more massive haloes"

1706.02521 : Lee+ "Detection of a Large Population of Ultra Diffuse Galaxies in Massive Galaxy Clusters: Abell S1063 and Abell 2744"

1705.10521 : Kokusho+ "A star formation study of the ATLAS3D early-type galaxies with the AKARI all-sky survey"


1706.05063 : Bisigello+ "Recovering the properties of high redshift galaxies with different JWST broad-band filters"

1706.05063 : Bisigello+ "Recovering the properties of high redshift galaxies with different JWST broad-band filters"

1706.03067 : Brandt+ "Data Reduction Pipeline for the CHARIS Integral-Field Spectrograph"

1705.09035 : Ellis+ "Photonic ring resonator filters for astronomical OH suppression"

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