Project Overview

The Tomo-e Gozen project is to conduct optical wide-field survey programs with a wide-field CMOS camera, the Tomo-e Gozen camera, on the 105-cm Schmidt telescope at the Kiso observatory, the University of Tokyo.


Large Survey with the Tomo-e Gozen Camera

Optical wide-field and high-cadence surveys will begin from 2018 with the Tomo-e Gozen camera. First detection of rare and fast time-variable phenomena is expected in these surveys.


Wide-field CMOS camera

The Tomo-e Gozen camera is the world's first wide-field CMOS camera. The entire focal plane area of the Kiso Schmidt telescope, 9 degrees in diameter, is covered by 84 chips of 35 mm full HD CMOS image sensors.

トモエゴゼンカメラは世界で初めての広視野CMOSカメラです。木曽シュミット望遠鏡の全焦点面(直径9度角)を、84台の35mmフルHD CMOSイメージセンサで覆います。

Sensor image is from the Canon web site.

Tomo-e Gozen (巴御前)

The project is named after a woman warrior Tomo-e Gozen (Lady Tomo-e), born in the Kiso region in the 12th century. She is known with beauty and bravery.