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Filters and Sensitivities

8.9 μm8.9 μm0.77 μm2.9 JyOK
9.8 μm9.8 μm0.91 μm3.0 JyOK
10.6 μm10.6 μm0.36 μm5.1 JyOK
12.2 μm12.2 μm0.75 μm4.0 JyOK
18.7 μm18.7 μm0.9 μm4.9 JyOK
MMF-3131.7 μm2.2 μm(19 Jy)not opened
MMF-3737.3 μm2.4 μm(41 Jy)not opened


(*) 1 σ 1 sec sensitivity for a point-source with the chop-and-nod observing method.

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