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# Sample Data for ANIR
# Sample Data of ANIR


- ANIA*.fits : raw data (Standard Star, Ks-band, 5 point dither)
- sflat.fits : sky flat frame (Ks-band)
- : bad pixel mask frame (for IRAF)

Note: Some of the WCS parameters in the header is not correct.
- modify following FITS header parameters
     CD1_1  =>  8.49E-5
     CD1_2  => -4.15E-7
     CD2_1  => -1.35E-6
     CD2_2  => -8.27E-5
- add following parameters
     WCSDIM = 2
     LTM1_1 = 1
     LTM2_2 = 1
     WAT0_001 = 'system=image'
     WAT1_001 = 'wtype=tan axtype=ra'
     WAT2_001 = 'wtype=tan axtype=dec'

to obtain (almost) correct WCS.
This will be fixed before the next run in 2010.

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